Happy March Break! I have no classes to teach this week so that’s pretty fun. Josh and I are currently at his parents’ house in Markham. Josh has an exam here on Wednesday, and I wanted to do my long run here yesterday (they actually clear sidewalks in this city!) so we came on Saturday night.

Saturday was meant to be my rest day, followed by my long run on Sunday, but I woke up on Saturday just wanting to go workout. So that I did. I did what was meant to be today’s workout, so that I could take today as a rest day instead! I also walked to and from the gym, and grabbed a Vega recovery shake at Thrive on the way home, so my burn was pretty legit.

Good thing the burn was so high because that shake tasted way too good to be anywhere under 600 calories.

When I got home, I batch cooked a bunch more food– chicken breasts, salsa chicken burgers, and quinoa. That way I was prepared for a few days away from home. It has served me well, while Josh gets to eat chips and ice cream cake instead. BOO.

I woke up bright and early on Sunday morning (6:30am…but really 5:30am with the clocks changing!), to go for my long run. I was supposed to go and meet Jess for the first 10k or so of my run, but at the last minute plans fell through, and I was on my own for 29km! I ventured out of the house around 8am and just started running. I felt entirely disoriented because I do a large figure-8 loop over and over, and sometimes I change directions so I can change which hills I get to run up or down, and I really couldn’t tell you how many loops I did. I had to wear Josh’s Nike SportWatch because my Garmin was dead (and it requires 343134 pieces to charge it, and I couldn’t find them all). At some point I managed to reset Josh’s watch all together too and I was SO MAD. Hah, anyway. Around kilometre 12, my knees were getting really achy, especially the right one. I ignored it and just carried on. I contemplated stopping for a good 5km, but really, really wanted to finish the 29k. By kilometre 26, the pain was just unbearable (and I was being stupid) so I convinced myself to call it quits. I planned to run the 1 kilometre home to make it 27, but I couldn’t even handle that. I stopped and walked home at 26.5km. I was super disappointed with a really sore knee. I have zero pictures to show you because I was too peeved to take pictures, hah.

When I got home I was convinced I wouldn’t be running Around the Bay, but I awoke this morning feeling a lot better. The pain has subsided and walking is easy again. I think the main issue here has been the Merrell shoes that I have been wearing. I need to get back into my VFFs ASAP.

I’m going to make sure to do a few shorter runs outside over the next couple of weeks to get used to my VFFs again. I’ll also be sure to foam roll/ice like it’s going out of style after every run. Once I see how I’m feeling after those runs, I can make a decision about ATB. But for now, I still plan on running it!

Now, another problem I’ve been having! After I finish a long run, I have this sense of entitlement that is a serious issue, hahah. I like to think I can eat whatever I want, in whatever quantity I want, because “I just burned _____ number of calories.” I’m trying not to do that anymore. After taking a serious toll on my body by pushing it so hard, it’s pretty ass backwards to then feed it crap. It deserves nutrients! …..do I sound like I’ve convinced myself yet?

It worked yesterday! I refuelled with chicken, quinoa and veggies, and I managed to keep it clean all day (aside from two quinoa cookies as a treat after dinner!).

Now I am off to rest as hard as I can, hahah.

Happy Monday!




  1. I can’t believe I have never read your blog before! Christina from the Athletarian just told me about you because I told her that I had just gone to Thrive Juice Bar (and loved it) for the first time and she said you were a Kitchener blogger. I’m from Guelph, so I’m not far off. Love your blog, I will definitely be dropping in regularly πŸ™‚

    • Danielle says:

      Oh man, Thrive is my love. I also freaking love Guelph! I went to U of G and I still teach bootcamps there 2x/week! I would definitely move back if I could. Thanks for commenting, now I can check out your blog too!!

      • Where do you teach bootcamp?? I’m still a cheap student working out at the U of G athletic centre, but if you have a drop in rate or something I would love to take a class!

        • Danielle says:

          I teach for Booty Camp Fitness, so everything is pre-registered, but you are welcome to come for a sample class for sure! We are on hiatus right now but should be back up next week. I will let you know as soon as confirmed!

  2. I hope ATB treats you well πŸ™‚ I had to switch to the 15k relay. but I was so injured I couldn’t run for the last 3 weeks…so there’s no way I could do 30! ah! I ran 4miles pain free yesterday and hope to increase my runs and treat this Sunday like a long run. Maybe I’ll see you….I’ll be the one holding the blue spatulas πŸ˜‰