Kilometres and kisses.

This weekend I went headed to my parents’ house again, so Josh could have some quiet while he studied. Lemon and I distract him by doing fun stuff. Seriously, Lemon is not down with people sitting at desks. How is she supposed to sleep all up in your personal space if she can’t reach you? At one point this weekend, I actually said Josh’s name to Lemon (accidentally), and she automatically assumed that means he was coming home soon. So she did this for the next hour (whilst crying).

Staring at the front door.

Waitin’ for my Dad.

This dog is EXTREMELY particular and will cry all day until you figure out what she wants. Lucky for me, I speak pretty fluent Lemon.

I was originally planning to head to my parents’ house on Saturday, but then I thought I would head Friday night so I could do my long run there, where there would inevitably be less snow! I know most people tend to do their long runs on Sundays, but I hate that. I MUCH prefer to do them on Saturdays, so that on Saturday night I can do what I want, and on Sunday morning I can sleep in and recover. Sunday really is the day of rest for me!

At some point I stopped my watch to change the music on my iPhone, and forgot to start it again. So the real distance was at least 21km based on the time elapsed and the ground covered, since I did the same loop as last weekend I had pretty accurate idea.

The run started out pretty terribly. I remember looking at my watch after what felt like forever, and I had only covered 3.68km, to be exact. I figured there was no point in turning around to go home, and that I may as well finish the 8km loop at the very least. By the time I finished the first loop, I felt like a champ, and finished the planned distance of 21km with no issues.

I am noticing that as I do long distances on a regular basis, my legs are getting a bit sore– not after, but during the run. So I’ve decided to jack up the leg workouts for the next few weeks, to maximize strength on those bad boys for Around the Bay. I had a great leg workout this morning and I plan to squeeze in another on Thursday. Then I have will Friday to recover, and Saturday is my next long run of 27km. SOUND GOOD? Good.

Since tomorrow is my brother-in-law Alex’s birthday, we had a family dinner on Saturday night to celebrate. That meant my favourite niece was over! We snuggled like it was going out of style, and had a photo shoot while she tried to eat the fruity lip balm off my face.

Now I am off to warm up in bed, because I just waited in the cold for 90 minutes for a bus that never came. Sigh. Hah. Happy Monday!

Do you prefer Saturday or Sunday long runs?

When do you take your rest day(s)?





  1. I am with you. I prefer to get my long run out of the way – Usually Friday if I can swing it or Saturday.

  2. Boston terriers are so funny. Tenley does the same thing. She will whine and whine until you figure out that the toy she wants is stick between the couch and chair – no other toy will do – she wants that specific one. Haha I would love to get Lemon and Tenley together and see what happens! They look so similar!!

    • Hahahahah firstly, I think my head would explode due to cuteness overload. Secondly, LEMON DOES EXACTLY THAT. She’s like “yes I see there are 14 yellow tennis balls in that bag– but I want that one under the couch that you can’t get to unless you make everyone stand up to move the furniture.”

      Also her new thing is crying at the basement door when she hears the dryer on because she wants to sleep in the warm clothes. How they pick up on this stuff is beyond me! So cute. A little annoying. haha