Family Day & my new child

Monday was a rest day after my long run, which was wonderful. The whole fam (minus Josh, who had to stay home and study all weekend, womp) gathered up the dogs and went for a lovely winter walk! We went to Meadowvale Conservation Area in Missisauga. It was pretty dead, so we were able to let the dogs off their leashes (except Zola our little rabbit hunter, hah). Lemon was happy as clam, and always had to be at the front of the group, leading the way like she was the boss. It was hard to take her seriously with her teal toggle coat and orange booties though, hah. Can’t handle.

Lemon pic of the week or WHAT?


It was MUCH nicer on Monday than it was on Sunday. The temperature was quite comfortable when all bundled up. We walked around for about an hour, and then went home to the cozy fire.

BTW, that’s a buoy on the left that Lemon found in the lake at the cottage last summer, which she loves, hahah.

This was a MOMENTOUS moment in history. Houston letting Zola snuggle up on him!! Cuteness.

It was a lovely day!

So I also obtained another child.

It hatched from an egg.

On my iPhone.

I think I missed one stage of life picture before this one, woops!

Hahahhh. The Tamagotchi people came out with an iPhone app! It’s called Hatchi. It’s a little more high maintenance than the green and yellow egg I wore around my neck at age 10 (which I still have, btw), but that’s okay. It grew to an adult in just 5 days and now I can abandon it. Hahah, worst mother. OH, but that reminds me! The app tells you what your pet’s favourite and least favourite foods are. Mini Melon’s favourite food is pizza (nailed it), but his LEAST favourite food is CAKE! WHAT? Clearly not my child, anyway. Abandonment justified.

I definitely recommend it though if you feel like some nostalgia while you wash way Hershey kiss shaped poops from your phone screen. Best part. Not even kidding.

Did you have a Tamagotchi? Dinky Dino? Nano? 

Go download it. Now. You know you want to.





  1. You just made my week! I was OBSESSED with them! In one of my school photos I wore a tamagotchi t shirt!

    • LOL, you just made MY week! A tamagotchi t-shirt? You need to dig up that photo. And that t-shirt. I want to see. hahahah!

  2. OMG BAHAHAHA you are legit crazy. I love it. I had a nano cat and a tamagotchi monkey. I was obsessed with them and remember making my mom go to EVERY store until we found one. They were sold out everywhere. I wanted a dog but they were impossible to find so I settled on a damn cat. The monkey joined our family a bit later on.