Winter running like a champ.


So I just haven’t had anything exciting to tell you guys, hence the lack of posts. SOWEE. (I figure you don’t want to read uninspired posts any more than I want to write them!)

So last weekend, I failed miserably at finishing my 22km long run. I had intentions of trying to get it done during the week, but it just kept SNOWING AND SNOWING and I never bothered. Fail.

This weekend I had 24km on schedule. Is it wise to jump from a 20km run 3 weeks ago right into a 24km run? Nope. Would I recommend it? Nope. Did I do it anyway? Obviously.

The guilt was so extreme I decided I would finish the 24km training run this weekend. I am at my parents’ house for the long weekend, where they have much less snow, so I figured it would be easy peasy.

I woke up yesterday morning and checked the weather before getting ready to head out. This is what was up:


I moped for a good half hour and read forums on what exactly you wear when you’re going to run in temperatures this cold? I thought about moving the run to this morning instead, but the guilt of missing my long run the week before was just too immense. I HAD to get it over with. I bundled up and hit the pavement. Or snow.

My parents live near an awesome trail for running. I have an 8km route (give or take) that I usually run when I am there, so I decided I would just run that loop 3 times in order to meet my mileage. It also meant I was never too far from home, which is important for me mentally on a run like this. I ventured out so quickly after deciding I would do it, that I realized as soon as I was at the end of the street that I FORGOT TO EAT BREAKFAST? WHO DOES THAT? There was no turning back now. I had some gels on me and decided to grab a snack on the way by the house after loop 1. That worked perfectly.

The first half of each of the loops was nearly unbearable– strong winds, blowing directly into my face. At one point I was so sure that my lower lip was blown up/swollen due to frost bite that I had to bust out my phone to check my reflection, hahah. It was fine– just numb! ANYWAY , once I got off the trails the wind was definitely not as strong, and the sun was shining. It really wasn’t all that bad. It was almost enjoyable. I hit the 24km mark earlier than expected– and NO WAY was I going to WALK in that cold, so I just ran the rest of the way home, for a nice victory kilometre!

My face was frozen like that.

Finishing that run was the BEST EVER. I refuelled with my current obsession, clean banana egg-white oat pancakes. I keep meaning to share this recipe because it is BOMB, and the pancakes actually taste legit. But I always fail at making it look pretty, and taking pictures. SOON, soon!

Topped with a small (hah) puddle of real maple syrup!

I spent the rest of the day lounging with Lemon and my family. My sister Nat and I went to Wal-Mart and bought a bunch of makeup that we don’t need. Which was awesome. Will post my finds later on 🙂

My knees and ankles are a little sore again this morning– I think it it’s because I am running a) in snow and b) in (slightly) cushioned shoes instead of Vibram FiveFingers, which my legs are certainly not used to (even though they are zero drop). I’ll have to be pretty careful, or I could easily see an injury in my future.

Since everyone is off work for Family Day today, we’re taking our doggies to the park for some play time/tobogganing! So fun!

Have a great Family Day friends!




  1. Hi Danielle! how long have you been training in vibrams? Do you suggest them for long runs? I am training for a marathon, only a few weeks in and I was thinking to get new sneakers because my mileage really kicked into high husband wants to buy a pair of vibrams so I was thinking maybe I should try it too, not sure though..scary thought to run 26.2 miles in them!! Im on the other side of the lake in Buffalo…so cold, so over the winter! love your blog.

    • Hi Breanna!
      I’ve been running in mine for close to 2 years now, I believe. This is a bit of a loaded question, but my short answer would be no– I would not suggest training for your next race in these! Vibrams are not a “next pair of shoes” running shoe– you have to very slowly incorporate them into your runs (literally I would stop in the middle of the runs to change shoes and build up mileage). When you switch to Vibrams, your mileage should drop to around 10% of what you are currently running. You use new muscles and things will get sore and injuries are very possible if you don’t transition correctly. It took me almost a year to completely transition into Vibrams! E-mail me if you want more info or help in transitioning! danielle[at]workitweariteatit[dot]com.Thanks for reading!! xo

      p.s. the transition is totally worth it– so yes, I recommend it in the long run, just not for your next marathon!

  2. You are crazyyy but awesome! haha I would DIE running in that!

  3. You are my idol. I don’t know how the heck you ran that far in that. When I did the 7km training run for the TYS10K on Sunday, I legit thought I was going to die. Every part of my body was frozen. I’m giving you high fives through the screen right now. Our ATB training run is supposed to be this weekend. I talked to Q and he’s away for work until Friday so he will either try and send out an email when he has time or maybe push it back a week if no one can come. I am scared considering the longest I ran was 19km a couple of weeks ago. Somebody shoot me.

    • Okay let me know! Psssshhh you are going to run this race in like 20 minutes pretty much, so don’t even worry.


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