Winter, you can go now…

So I have finally come out of hibernation and have begun walking home from the gym again! I missed my long run on Sunday because much of the sidewalks look like this:

I called it quits after mile 2! I felt really, really guilty all day. Like I was being a big baby or something. Then I talked to a friend at the gym and he told me about a friend of his, who is also a personal trainer, and an avid runner. She once insisted on running in conditions similar to last week, and she ended up breaking her ankle. Literally. NOT COOL. I felt better after that.

I was feeling pretty down last week because the weather was seriously cramping my workout style. I couldn’t get all my planned gym sessions in, and thus the idea of doing split body part training was stressing me out, because it just wasn’t happening. So, this week, I have been doing full body circuits instead of splits, and it’s really fun for a change! I also did some treadmill sprints today, which I haven’t done in a while. I actually really like doing them, treadmill and all.

FYI, my bootay as grown 2 inches since the beginning of October, thanks to the amount of instructing (aka. squats) I have been doing, hah! Not even mad.

So after my workout I was pulling my boots on to get ready for the walk home and this happened:

Yes that is my big to protruding right out of the boot. (Okay, so clearly I needed to replace my boots well before this happened, hahah). I walked home with my boot like this, and the end result was a little surprising…

No, the surprise isn’t that my feet are this wet– the surprise is that my left foot is more wet than the foot with the big toe sticking out? Hahah, I don’t even know. I actually bought new boots a couple months back, BEAUTIFUL Coach boots in fact, but they are too tight on my big, fat, calves.

Coach “Monique” Boot

They have been sitting in a box waiting for me to take them to the shoe repair to get stretched. Maybe I should get on that…

Or maybe I should invest in some functional boots for a change?  …..nah.


Are your boots about fashion or function? And don’t say both because no such hybrid boot exists.


Happy Tuesday!




p.s. Happy Pancake Tuesday! I had some mean eat-clean banana oat pancakes. OM NOM NOM. I was going to share the recipe but failed at taking pictures. Woops.




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