Things I did this week

I was just not feeling the blogging this week, you know? Being cozy on the couch/doing nothing just kept winning!

It was a pretty routine week, nothing exciting, other than 9834902383 centimetres of snow.

As soon as this was done I basically had to start over.

The good news is, I managed to get a good workout in shovelling it all!

A couple other things that happened this week:

I went through ezekiel bread withdrawals.

 I visited a cute baby.

Actually, two cute babies.

I burned some cals.

I admired my lazy dog.

Annnnd, I polished off my last jar of cookie butter. Tear.

Right now I am supposed to go and do a 22km training run for Around the Bay 30k. Truth be told, I am a winter running wuss. I think when I signed up for this race, I expected a winter like last year. I didn’t expect a REAL, LEGIT winter. I know lots of you in Ontario haven’t had much snow, but where I live we have basically been blanketed with white almost all year. I hate it. Next to nobody clears their sidewalks (it’s actually quite shocking), and it makes for a run similar to running in sand, but colder, and less pretty! I’m trying to psyche myself up for this afternoon. GO ME, I CAN DO IT. …right?

Hope you had a fantastic weekend?

Did you run in the snow?




  1. Gosh I’m so glad I don’t get snow!! (I live in the middle east) Gone are the days of shovelling. 🙂 I’m also a HUGE fan of the speculoos butter… I eat jars and jars of that stuff all by myself!! So yummy.