Some Whining. (+ my new site!)

Hi friends!

I didn’t have the best day in the world, it started with a 5:15am wake up call, to go teach a small group personal training session at 6:00. When I got there the locks were FROZEN from all of the rain yesterday, before the temperature plummeted again. I tried breathing on them to melt the ice..nothing. One of the ladies managed to get 1 of the 2 keys into a lock, but it wouldn’t turn…sooo we all went home and rescheduled for tomorrow.

Then I decided it was too cold to walk home from the gym so I decided to do my workout at home. I attempted some lat pulldowns using a resistance band on my pull-up bar. Not only was this a giant fail in that I felt NOTHING in my lats, the band unravelled right off the bar (don’t ask) and smoked me right in the face/eye. Yup. Luckily it didn’t leave a mark!

THEN, last minute Josh couldn’t take me to my night boot camp, so I decided to hop on a bus for most of the ride and then call a cab for the rest of the way. The cab that was supposed to take 5 minutes to arrive, took THIRTY FIVE minutes to arrive, and I nearly lost all 10 of my toes.

SO, in order to make my day a little better before it’s over, you can go take a look at my new personal training website 🙂

I will return the favour with this amusing picture my sister sent me today. This is me, about 6 years old, at DisneyWorld, scooping all the baby goats.

Hope your day was better than mine!





  1. Look at your adorable little face. So cute. Have I mentioned that I had the cutest girls on the planet? True story. xoxo