Burn, burn, burn

I had noticed recently that my calorie burns during my workouts were pretty high– higher than I remember them being in the past. I started thinking about it, and realized it might be related to the fact that I started teaching boot camps in October. I usually do most of the workout along with my ladies, to help them persevere through the workout themselves. As of now, I teach boot camp Monday through Thursday, and I also do my own workouts first thing in the morning, Monday through Saturday. That means I am working out around 10 times per week.  (I also teach a couple morning small group training sessions, but I usually do very little in those– maybe the warm up or some cardio at the end for a few minutes).

So with this in mind, I figured I should redo my 24 hour burn test. That means I wear my Polar watch for 24 hours straight to see how many calories I burn, and then I know how much to eat. This is to ensure I am eating enough for my activity levels. Last time I did this was around June or July I believe (whenever I first got the watch), and my burn was around 1600 calories on a rest day. Since working out is my “job” as well as my “hobby,” I contacted James Wilson directly to see when he thought I should do the burn test. You are usually supposed to do it on a day where you don’t workout, but when you go to work (i.e. when you have the activity levels of a typical day). James advised that I wear the watch on a FULLY active day, workout and boot camp instructing combined, to get an idea of how much I need to be eating most days. So that I did!

On Friday morning, I strapped on the watch for my morning workout. I did a shoulders workout, as well as 15 minutes on the treadmill, walking at max incline. Nothing too crazy– I didn’t even do an ATB training run. That night, I happened to have a boot camp make up class to teach. I did most of the workout, as usual.

Just 11 hours into the test I was at 2600 calories! I immediately e-mailed James and told him I cannot afford to eat more food than that, hahah! Crazy. The final burn number was..

No big…

Soooo, James says I don’t have to eat it all back, but first I need to get a grip aka. some consistency in my eating, aka. count calories, or at least measure my food; so I know I am eating in a certain calorie range each day. Then we will go from there. I REALLY HATE counting calories, so I haven’t picked a day when I will start. Maybe next week? I need to do a major batch cook so that I can eat the same things over and over to make counting easy, hahah. So I will keep you posted on that!

In other news, I got my at-home pull up bar ready to go, complete with some strength bands for assistance. I’ve already improved a lot, so I’m going to keep trekkin’ on towards my goal!

ANYWHOO, just a quick little update.

Do you count calories?




  1. Girl, you’ve got some serious burn going on! What a powerhouse! A balanced combo of protein and fats all the way after those workouts will hopefully fuel your body enough. That’s awesome!

  2. Holy moly!!! That’s certainly a craaaazy burn haha

  3. Insane!!! I’ve done a few of the 24 hr tests when I have worked out and then worked a 12 hr shift in the ER and had similar burns – there’s no freakin’ way to eat that all back hahaha but I agree that it’s definitely important to know approx how many cals you burn and cals you eat on a regular day so you can be around where you want to be for whatever goals you have at that time. I’m not a calorie counter but I do have a rough idea and redo my burn/how many cals I’m eating a few x a year.

    • Yeah that’s what I’m going for! Just a rough idea! Nothing like counting calories and measuring food to make someone obsess about food…gotta stay away from that!

  4. That’s what Menchie’s is for!!!!! Need extra cals? No problem.

  5. I told Colin all about this when I got home from our run together!!! he couldn’t believe your burn! 🙂