Workin’ those hills

Hi friends!

The weekend was pretty low key, just hung out with my family in our pjs. Saturday night I stayed at my sisters place in Burlington so I could go and meet Christina and Ali for a sweet 20km Around the Bay training run on Sunday morning! Christina invited Ali and I, Β and I invited my brother-in-law Alex too, because he is also running ATB! Β The last 10km of ATB is known for being all rolling hills, so we did that section of the course, twice! I don’t usually run with people, I usually prefer to run alone so I can be true to my own pace, but it is REALLY FUN to be around people once in a while to just enjoy the run!

yes I wear crops all year round.

I was pretty terrified to go because everyone meeting up for the run was SO SPEEDY. And I am not. It would also mark only my 2nd long run since I ran the Hamilton Half Marathon in November. I also was pretty sure I wouldn’t get to wear my Vibrams (which I didn’t), and I hate nothing more than running in regular running shoes. I sucked it up and went anyway, because I knew if I went, I would at least get the mileage in, one way or another.

Lucky for me, Ali and I were able to run nice and slowly together, while everyone ran ahead of us. We chatted the whole time which made it go by so fast! Ali abandoned me (haha just kidding), Ali had to go around the 10 mile marker, and I was on my own for the remaining few miles! It wasn’t so bad, I picked up the pace quite a bit to get it done.

After the run, my knees and ankles were pretty sore because of running in my Nike Frees, which I haven’t worn for a long run in FOREVER. Seriously, I don’t know if I’ve ever worn those ones for a long run…hah. But I woke up today and everything felt fine, no muscle soreness at all, so I picked a good pace. I’m used to running hills all the time where I live, so they really didn’t bother me much, they were no bigger than what I’m used to and my legs didn’t get sore at all during or after (mind you the slow pace likely helped with that a lot).

After I do a long run, I tend to think I can do what I want, so I ate this:

Probably the most delicious pizza of all time. Prosciutto and brie. Yup. How’s that for Thriving Forward…. #sorrybrendan

Later on I had Menchie’s too, but I failed to take a picture. Just imagine froyo topped with 0 fruit, and loads of chocolate (that is barely visible due to an avalanche of PB sauce).


Did you run long this weekend?





  1. Speedy Shmeedy. You killed it. You were only barely behind us…and that was just so that we couldn’t hear you and Ali gossiping about men in tights. You also finished strong and if I recall correctly…you even said that if I wasn’t there to bother you near the end, you would’ve just kept running straight (prolly to add more miles). Nice run. Hope you can make it out for the next one.

  2. Hahahaha to #sorrybrendan!! That pizza looks amazing and you ROCKED the run. You weren’t even in pain the next day. Not normal. I can’t wait for the next one πŸ™‚ Let’s do pizza and Menchie’s after mmmk?

  3. I love this. I figured you must’ve floored it after I left. The second we turned around I got slower and you got faster (the right way to run) I had to drive out to the highway and I didn’t see you so I knew you must’ve really picked it up. Nice job in the Nike frees! πŸ™‚ It was super fun running with you. I hope to get faster and run together again πŸ™‚

    • You don’t need to get faster for us to run together!! It was so lovely to chat and get a run in all at the same time πŸ™‚


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