Mother Nature doesn’t want me to run.


So after two weeeks of Thrive Forward and no meat/dairy, I was seriously craving MEAT AND DAIRY. I have since had both, and I have learned a couple things. Firstly, it seems that dairy (greek yogurt and small amounts of cheese or whey) doesn’t seem to bother me in the least. ALTHOUGH, I previously concluded that more than 1 scoop of whey protein a day is not welcome in my tummy, so when my current protein stock depletes, I will restock with Vega One protein instead, and see if that helps. Not that I usually have more than 1 scoop of protein in a day, but I’d like the option. I also found that bread bothers me only if it is not ezekiel or if it is processed. Josh has been making a lot of amazing homemade bread lately (different kinds– white, whole wheat, spicy, olive, cinnamon/raisin); it is amazing and doesn’t bother my stomach at all.


But I ate  small dinner roll from Costco the other week and my stomach went haywire. Maybe there is some sort of preservative that disagrees with me, or maybe I ate too many bean burgers. Who knows. Either way, point taken!

As for meat, I have had meat 3x in the past 3 weeks now. I had bacon because I WANTED BACON, DAMMIT. And it was fine. Also, I had a small amount of chicken on a pizza that Josh and I made on Saturday night, and it was fine.

pizza, pizza, pizza

I had a full chicken breast last night and it was NOT fine. This has happened so many times in the past, but I thought I must be imagining it. Guess not! I think the moral of the story is I do best with everything in smaller amounts. I’m happy eating less meat, so that’s what I’m going to do. I will still likely eat it once or twice a day, but not 3-4x like in the past, and not 6oz at a time. And maybe I will embrace Meatless Mondays!

In other news, this FREEZING COLD weather is putting a serious damper on my training. I have NO motivation to run outside. Or go anywhere. I haven’t even gone to the gym this week, because I always walk home from the gym and I don’t want to freeze. I’ve been working out at home/at bootcamp so that’s fine, but that won’t get me through 30km of rolling hills on March 24…


I managed to get my long run in on Saturday, but still not really outside. I ran the 3.6km to the indoor track, ran 11km on the track (44 laps) and then ran then 3.6km back home to make my 18km. Better than nothing, but those 11km were perfectly flat and climate controlled, which is obviously not exactly a race day simulation. My lack of minimalist, winter-friendly, footwear is also a problem. I hope temperatures go up soon!

Now for some food porn courtesy of Thrive Juice Bar.

Green Curry Bowl

Pad Thai (my friend’s meal)


I also had yellow curry on another day, but my computer doesn’t want to load that picture, so instead you can imagine the green curry, only yellow..crazy right?

Hope your winter training is going better than mine!







  1. Mmm delish! I haven’t been to the gym this week either. Or running. First 5km race of the season on Saturday so I should be well prepared. Not… 🙂

  2. Hmm interesting! I can tolerate Ezekiel really well, too. I think it’s because it is sprouted so it is a lot easier on the tummy and easy to digest. I can’t eat wayyy too much meat or protein or else I am super bloated! Homemade bread = <3

  3. I’m sure you’ll rock ATB!!! I was really scared about my lack of training but I’m going to continue to up it and for me (since this is my first time) I have no time goals. You are always so fast and CROSS your fingers that this march will be like last year. ATB was warm and I raced the last 10k in a tshirt and shorts 😉

  4. You killed today’s run!! Can Josh make us a loaf for our next long run? I think one each would be sufficient. I’d like olive, please and thanks.

    I had that PB cup at Thrive and it was to DIE for. That’s it, we need to go. Let’s invite Brendo.

    • That is a GREAT idea. I will place the order.
      We should definitely invite Brendo. Maybe he will let us cook in there…

  5. Welp, I guess I’m getting the PB cup next time! I should find out within a day or two if I got the job I wanted and if so, I will be visiting Thrive a lot this summer 🙂