Yes, you should workout today.

So let’s be honest. I don’t care how into fitness you are, everyone has days, or weeks, or months where they wake up, or get home from work, and are like AW HELLLL NAH, I am NOT working out. NOPE. Not doing it.

Nine times out of ten times, I do it anyway. How do I convince myself? A few ways.

1. I always, ALWAYS am registered for a race. To me, my workouts aren’t workouts, they’re training sessions. Training to kick as much ass as possible on the big day, whatever it may be. You might not be a runner, and that’s fine! But you can always find something that interests you to try out– it might be a crossfit competition, a bikini competition, a triathlon, an obstacle race, a photo shoot, WHATEVER. Find something that interests you, and find a way to compete. Like it or not, competition (even if it’s just with yourself) is what will drive your butt to the gym, or to the pavement. It can even be as simple as a fit test and body composition evaluation at the gym. Pick a date that will test your hard work and BUST BUTT.

2. Pinterest! Now don’t go too overboard– sometimes Pinterest can have the opposite effect, by making you feel down on yourself for not looking like those super fit ladies. Don’t use the pictures as something to compare yourself to, but use them as a demonstration of what hard work and dedication can do for ANYONE, yourself included.

3. Think about everyone who doesn’t get to lift, or run, or zumba, or cycle, or do whatever it is you love to do. Working out is not a chore, it is a privilege and you should take advantage of it while you are able. You don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone.

4. Don’t even think about your workout. Don’t even THINK “Man, I don’t want to workout. Should I workout?” As soon as you ask yourself this question, you are giving yourself an out. It’s in your schedule, it’s an appointment with yourself, keep it. You wouldn’t cancel on an appointment with someone else you love, would you?

5. Get a buddy! Set a date and a time. Don’t think about it, just do it. You don’t want to let each other down! You can even just get a virtual accountability partner– text each other and make sure you are getting things done.

6. Sign up for a boot camp, or something that requires you to pay in advance, and has a set schedule. You know I’m showing up to that $18, non-refundable class. I, of course, recommend Booty Camp Fitness ๐Ÿ™‚

7. Drop in on The Running Room free group runs! At first it might be hard to go, but once you have made friends and they are expecting to see you, you’ll be there.

8. Blog. Not even kidding. Write about your workouts for the world to see, and you know you won’t be missing one!

9. INSTAGRAM! I can’t even tell you how many times I have woken up and thought “just another hour of sleep…” but then I bust out my iPhone and see all the amazing ladies who have already FINISHED their workouts, before my alarm even went off. OFF I GO TO THE GYM.

10. New clothes, new music, new routines, new scenery. Keep it interesting and you’ll keep it up. No one wants to wear the same outfit, and listen to the same playlist, in the same gym, doing the same bicep curls– day in and day out. Hit the track, try crossfit, try aerial yoga– anything new!

11. Sleep in your workout clothes. For real.

12. Tell yourself you will do just 15 minutes of your planned workout. If you are miserable after those 15 minutes, then forget it. But most of the time when you start your workout, you feel great 10 minutes in and everything is fine.

13. Buy a freaking cute dog so it can run with you.

14. ANNNND, if all of the above fail– take some time off. Listen to your body! Maybe you need a couple days to get back into the groove– just be honest with yourself and be sure that this is what you really need, and not just an excuse.

Thanks to my friend Carly for requesting this post ๐Ÿ™‚

How do you convince yourself to workout when you aren’t feeling it?





  1. AWESOME!! I love love love these tips!! Thank you for sharing… I will be taking your advice today!

  2. Love this post!!

  3. Great post! I needed to see this!

  4. I think this was my favourite post of all time. I legit sleep in workout clothes every single night. No joke.

  5. PS come to BC with me.