Cottage, wee!

Hi guys!

So on the weekend Josh and I went up to the cottage for some much needed relaxation. I prepped some food on Thursday before we left, so I was able to stay on track for the most part. The weather was pretty strange– raining the entire time and melting all of the snow. So we spent basically the entire time sitting on the couch, reading or doing other indoor activities. It was delightful.  Here are some of the eats I managed to snap pictures of– they were basically all the same anyway hah.

Bean burger with tahini sauce, parsnip fries and raw peppers.

Bean burger + avocado and tahini sauce. Baked potato with Franks red hot.

Salad with homemade cilantro dressing, peanuts, white raisins.

vegan chocolate, caramel protein bar (really not that good but convenient!)

I didn’t workout at all at the cottage, mainly because of the crazy weather. It’s a poor excuse, I know, but I’m fine with it 🙂 We did manage to get a walk in of a couple miles to go and feed the horses (don’t worry the owner knew!).

This one was my favourite and kept nudging me and we were best friends.

We had to torture poor Lemon with booties to protect her feet from the salt. We forgot her usual balloon booties, so Josh’s Dad picked this pair up for her on his way up. They were a bit big on her, and more difficult for her to walk in. She may not have been amused, but I’m pretty sure I could continue laughing at her for the next 4 weeks. It was so hilarious and so cute.

We got home yesterday afternoon, so sad. I wanted to stay there forever. It’s nice being cut off from social media. I should do it more often! OH well, dream over. Time to get back into the ol’ routine. Womp.

Hope you had great weekends, too!





  1. Sounds like a very relaxing weekend!
    Those parsnip fries sound interesting, maybe I will have to try cook some up myself.

  2. Your meals look sooooo good! I need to have a baked potato STAT. I haven’t had one in forever and as much as I like sweet potatoes, white ones still win in my books!

    PS – I’m coming to Hamilton to run part of the ATB course. My friend set up two dates with some people from here to go up and run. I’ll get a ride with them and maybe you and Ali can meet me if you’re free? My friend is way fast (the beer run guy) so I def won’t be running with him. The first run will be on Sunday, January 27th (around 22km) and the second run on February 24th (around 36km).

    Please say you can make it! We need to die in a long run together.

    • A little white potato every once in a while never hurt anyone!

      I really wanna come on the 27th I will get back to you! BUt PLEASE…PLEASE tell me that the 36km on Feb 24 is a typo. Please tell me they are not running 6km further than the race distance a month before race day…haha so confused.

  3. Your getaway sounds so peaceful and quaint, super cute! I love checking-out and unwinding every now and then. And yum to the bean burgers! I tried The Simply Bars in the past and wasn’t a big fan, but maybe a different flavor…

    • I wasn’t a big fan either but I bought a whole box full! Don’t think I’ll be doing that again, hah.