Thriving Forward, I’m really doing it!

For the “I’m really doing it” reference, please watch below.

HAHAH, how accurate is that? Gets me every time.

ANYWAY, nothing too exciting going on this week.

ACTUALLY THAT’S A LIE. (My brain really did think through these things just as I was typing them).

Today I ran 5 miles…wait for it…

ON THE DREADMILL. I think that is a record for me. I don’t do treadmills. Nope. This is DEFINITELY a record in the past 5 years. WIN. (I used to be a treadmill bunny until I learned OUTSIDE IS WAY BETTER). Well, somewhere in between treadmill bunny and outdoor runner, I was sedentary sloth. But that’s fine.

After that I did a biceps/triceps workout and then I walked home from the gym. Serious calorie burn or what?

I refueled with another spinach egg white oat pancake!

Today was Day 7 of Thrive Forward (my take on it anyway!) and I am finally feeling like I am deflating after all of the holiday indulgence. I decided to snap a picture for comparisons sake, and was actually surprised how noticeable the difference is.

January 3rd vs. January 9th. No 6 pack or anything, but I WILL TAKE IT. Progress, not perfection! Also the ‘before’ was taken in the morning without eating and the ‘after’ was 3 meals into the day. Clean food for the WIN.

So as if the calorie burn wasn’t enough already, I decided to participate in almost the entire bootcamp I instructed. I always found it more motivating when my instructors powered through the workouts, so I try to do the same, regardless of how much I have already kicked my own butt that day.

2271 calories, TOAST.

Then I ate all the carbs. (Clean ones!)

Anyway, I’m up early to train some clients in the morning and then after my evening bootcamp we are off to the cottage! If I can get an internet connection/hotspot, I shall blog my cottage eats, and if not…see ya Monday 🙂

Do you take progress pics for yourself?

Do you prefer when your fitness instructors participate with you?

Enjoy the rest of your week!