I’d like to keep my toes, thank you very much.

Day 5 of Thrive Forward and still going strong! Today is the first day I am having major sugar cravings (Anyone need a kidney? Got some Menchies? Wanna trade?) but I’m giving them the old ‘talk to the hand’ like a champ. Here are some of the eats that have been going down. (Follow me on Instagram for the inside info! @workitweariteatit).

Spicy Spaghetti Squash with Black Beans. Click for recipe link!

Spinach Egg-White Oat Pancake + Raspberries (you can’t taste the spinach!)

salad, parsnip/apple/sweet potato/roasted chestnut soup

Falafels from the new Oxygen mag + veggies & tahini sauce (from my Fresh cookbook) on an ezekiel wrap. NOMS ALERT.

Peanut-Lime Quinoa Bowl. I was so hungry I couldn’t bother to move into a well lit area…sorry!

In other news, as of today I hadn’t run since BEFORE CHRISTMAS. As soon as the festivities ended, I got sick. That put me in bed for a good week, and I didn’t want to run for fear of making it worse. This is really conducive to a 30k race training plan

So today I felt up for a run (still pretty congested but the clock’s ticking!), so after my shoulders and abs workout, I decided to run a couple errands. Literally, run them. I was in my Vibrams (obvs) but since it was -13ºC and snowy, slushy and icy, I figured I would be sensible and bust of the dreaded Injinji toe socks. Last year I ran in my Vibrams (Bikila) all winter, but it was a very mild winter and I wasn’t training for a race until March.

Well my friends, today I was nearly crying like an infant by the end of kilometre 1. I had to stop by my training studio, so I went inside and took off my shoes and socks to defrost my icicle toes before I could run the 4k home. So I ventured out of the studio, started running and within a few hundred metres it was game over. It hurt so bad! I ran back to the gym (aka. Josh’s office building!) and he saved the day as per usual and brought me home.

NOW, that said, I obviously (MUCH to my dismay) cannot run in Vibrams all winter this year. I considered the Vibram Lontra (waterproof and fleece-lined) but they are $150, and the sizing doesn’t seem to match my feet. My regular size is too tight and the size up is far too big. I also read a couple reviews that said by the end of 2 months, they were leaking. Not down with $150 waterproof shoes leaking after 2 months.

So! I am looking for a minimal, zero-drop show that is conducive to a Canadian winter! I really do not want to lose all of the calf and toe-strength that I have built up in my Vibrams, so something minimal and waterproof should fit the bill. I’m going to start researching when I have some time tomorrow, but please do let me know if you have any suggestions! Looks like it may have to be my Nike Frees outside until I find an alternate!

Do you change your running shoes for winter?




  1. MMMM all those eats looks delicious! And yes! Your toes will freeze!! I got a pair of gortex based shoes to keep my feet warm and dry for winter