Time to Thrive!

I’ve been sick since last Saturday, wah. I’ve had a chest cold, so I haven’t been able to workout (for fear of making it worse), and have been really drained energy wise. Today is the first day I feel like I’m getting better, and not worse, so that’s great news! I think I’ll be able to hit the gym tomorrow (lightly), so that’s exciting. I was really hoping to get back into my routine and start training hard this week, but clearly my bod had other plans. Oh well! I’d rather get back in it when I’m ready, rather than extending the life of my illness, just for the sake of some mediocre workouts.

So! As I mentioned previously, I registered for Brendan Brazier’s Thrive Forward program, which goes live at midnight EST. Josh and I hit up the grocery store last night and stocked UP.  This program focuses on plant-based eating, and I am not vegan, nor do I plan to make an attempt at that, but I thought that this program would be a good way for me to focus on a couple things: 1) Getting in more GREENS and veggies in general and 2) Learning about intolerances/preferences my body may have. I often notice that after I eat a lot of chicken, my stomach goes BABOOM and bloats right up. I’m just trying to play around with what my body likes, dislikes, and how I feel eating different things. I figure starting with a base of plants is the way to go. I’m going to attempt no meat/dairy for 2 weeks and then reintroduce. I don’t seem to have an issue with gluten, so I’m sticking to my ezekiel bread whenever I feel like it. Eggs are game on, too. I don’t have any plant based protein powders, so cutting that may be the hardest thing. I currently have 3 tubs of About Time Whey, and really can’t justify buying another tub of protein!

For Christmas, I got one of the Fresh Restaurant cookbooks and I AM OBSESSED.  Today I made 3 dressings and a soup from the cookbook, and all are amazing. Most of the recipes had to be slightly cleaned up (eg. I substituted agave and organic sugar with smaller amounts of raw honey or xylitol), but for the most part all the recipes are super clean and use simple ingredients, which I LOVE.

Breakfast: Banana/mango/spinach smoothie, Lunch: Baby spinach, romaine, onions, carrots, cucumbers, black beans, peanuts and tahini dressing. Dinner: Parsnip, Apple, Roasted Chestnut Purée + raw veggies, Snack: Ezekiel toast + organic PB

Meals for Thrive Forward day 1 (even though the guidelines haven’t even been posted yet..hah) were nothing TOO exciting. Just basically me trying to pack in veggies. Success! Since I have been a couch potato (i.e. sleeping in and not working out), I didn’t eat as much as I would on a regular training day, so don’t be alarmed. The little jars are salad dressings I made with recipes from my new cookbook! Obsessed. The first one is called “Green dressing” and it’s basically a cilantro party in your mouth. Sorry to those who taste nothing but soap. I am so sad for you. The middle jar is peanut lime dressing (the one they put on the Tangled Thai salad. YEAH). The 3rd jar is the tahini sauce/dressing I had on my salad today. It tastes like hummus, obvs. The parsnip/apple/roasted chestnut soup is also a recipe from the cookbook. I even had to roast the chestnuts myself! Freaking Martha over here. The last thing I made today (not pictured) was chimichurri from the Eat Clean Diet Cookbook 2. It’s basically a sauce meant for grilled meats, but I am obsessed with it, and would put it on anything. It’s just parsley, cilantro, garlic and olive oil. (Can ya tell I have a thing for cilantro…) I figure having all these dressing/flavour variations will help me keep things interesting, and makes meals easy to throw together.

Anyway! I guess I will REALLY get thriving forward tomorrow when the program actually goes live and I can hit the gym! Imagine that. All in one day.

What’s your favourite herb?





  1. Mmmm I love cilantro!! And your dressings look DELISH… I can’t wait to do some recipes from my new paleo cookbooks this weekend!!


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