2013: Vision, Goal, Crush, Repeat.


I hope everyone had a happy and safe evening! I spent the night on the couch with water and throat lozenges…hah. Now that I’ve taken the time to look back at 2012 and all of the things I proudly accomplished, it’s time to set the stage for 2013. I set goals all the time, but the New Year is a particularly special time to set long term goals. It’s a chance to take a look at the big picture, and think about the smaller steps it will take to get there. So…let’s do it.

In 2013 I will:

  • Track all my running mileage! Treadmill, road, race, everything. Even the little 2km runs to and from the gym that I never give myself credit for. I wish I had done this from the first time I ever hit the pavement.
  • Master the unassisted pull-up. I can currently do 0..so I’m aiming for 10. I figure if I do these in every strength workout I should be on my way in no time. I also want install my own pull up bar at home– I already have one, we just never put it back in when we moved to this house.
  • Do a handstand pushup, off the wall. Just 1, because that is badass.
  • Plank more often. I don’t foresee any #plankaday action in my future, but I don’t see why I can’t work up to a 10 minute plank.
  • Run Around the Bay in 30k
  • Run a marathon (in sub 4:20 would be nice…)
  • PR in the half-marathon (sub 1:54:59)
  • Book and prepare for a fitness photo shoot (paid for by myself). I think this is a great goal for me and will be beneficial to my personal training business website, marketing, etc. It is also slightly (very) terrifying.
  • Build up my personal training business and boot camp franchises, until I am self-employed on a full time basis.
  • Read more books! At least 1 per month.
  • Obtain a nutrition certification (I am planning for the Precision Nutrition program in March, but am open to suggestions!)
  • Learn some basic web design so I can make my own life easier.
  • Blog 3x per week, minimum!

I think that is a pretty decent little list! Should keep me busy! I’m pretty scared by the looks of it, which means it’s just right 🙂

Tonight I am heading to Oakville for our annual family New Year’s Day dinner of Chinese food. On Wednesday, I will be planning out my food prep/grocery shopping/batch cooking in anticipation of the Thrive Forward start on Thursday! I may even bust out some before pictures if I’m feeling crazy..who knows.

Do you go out on NYE or keep it low key at home? I usually do SOMETHING fun, but this year I wasn’t feeling it and was sick anyway, womp.

Do you write down your goals for the year? This will actually be the first year I have made a legitimate list!


Let’s get to it, 2013!






  1. Your goals are SO badass!! I want to do 5 pullups, but I doubt a handstand pushup! I didn’t know PN had a nutrition course, I should look into it… in 2 years when I’m done my Holistic Nutrition course!! 🙂 Good Luck with everything. Oh – and I waved and honked at you driving through KW… you heard and saw, right? 🙂

  2. Ummm our goals are so similar, it’s crazy. I was just too scared to post some of them. We shall see! I have no doubt that you will crush them. Happy New Year to you!! Enjoy your Chinese food tonight and get readyyyyyyy for THRIVE!!!!!! We should have a date at the actual Thrive one day soon 🙂 xoxo


  4. Those are great goals, I have no doubt you’ll be able to achieve them.

    As for new years, I usually try to do something but I really don’t think it’d be so bad to just relax at home and watch the countdown on TV. Everything is so overpriced on NYE!


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