Christmas is over! Wah! I get serious post-Christmas blues. We had lots of great family time which is the most exciting part. I’m pretty serious about our Christmas traditions! #dontmess.

Santa was very good to me! I got some new Lulu (which is always welcome), amongst a bunch of other awesome things. I’m sure you will hear/see more about these items as I put them to use!

Now! Here are some bits from the fun festivities over the past week in pictures!

The food taunting photo I sent Josh when he couldn’t make this particular family dinner!

my niece Zola

turkey hangover run

Lem admiring the view from her Aunt’s bed

At Laurel’s Christmas party

Christmas nails!

Christmas morning and Lemon steals all the dogs’ presents and collects them for herself, as usual.

We got these onesies last year. Clearly this year we needed to top them with hats and lights.

Raw…but still beautiful.

One my my presents! That sweet ring/weapon.

cousins on Christmas

Josh tricked me into going Boxing Day shopping. I got these delights for 50% off!


My stomach has bloated to approximately 4x the regular size, due to eating as many desserts as I want for 5000 days in a row. #sorrynotsorry

My training schedule for January through April is complete and I will be sharing that soon! 30k training will officially start on Monday. Technically, it’s marathon training…but we will just call it 30k training for now šŸ™‚ I am also going to get up in theĀ Thrive ForwardĀ program starting January 3rd to seriously overhaul my diet and support my training. I am not vegan, so I won’t be following the plan completely, but I will be cutting back on meat and dairy and RAMPING UP the veggies. Carbs are going nowhere because I will be training intensely 6 days/week, plus teaching bootcamps 4x/week. Therefore, carbs will also be copious. I really just want to get familiar with how certain foods affect my body. More on this later!

I hope each of you had a fantastic Christmas as well and had the chance to spend it with your closest friends and family!


Do you get the post-Christmas blues?