18 before 25.

So a little update on my 18 workouts before Christmas plan. WHO’S IDEA WAS THIS ANYWAY? Oh..right.

On December 3rd I realized I was slacking and vowed that day to get in 18 more workouts before Christmas. I’m at 14 workouts so far and I’ve got 4 to go! Not bad! I might double up morning/evening workouts for a couple days just to get them done so I can enjoy the 9839104 holiday events we’ve got going on. I also need to start my official Around the Bay training next week! AH!

Yesterday I did my first run further than 3km since my half marathon on November 4th…woops. Totally not intentional, it just kinda happened. I got too excited about lifting again! I am however, paying for it. I definitely lost some speed and calf strength, but I should get back to normal within a a couple weeks of consistent training.

This morning I decided to do a workout that I put a couple of my new personal training clients through yesterday.  I am so mean! I totally kicked my own butt.  I modified it a bit to increase the difficulty and duration but JEEZ. I was sweat-tay.

Wanna try it?

Set your Gymboss or intervals app for 1 minute on, 10 seconds off. Do each exercise for 1 minute and use the 10 seconds in between to transition into the next exercise. Rest 2-3 minutes between circuits (not between ROUNDS, between circuits!)

Circuit #1: Lower Body

  • Goblet squat-press (with medicine ball or kettlebell)
  • Bulgarian Split Squat (right)
  • Bulgarian Split Squat (left)
  • Squat jumps with 5 pulses

Repeat for 3 rounds, no rest until after 3rd round.

Circuit #2: Lower Body

  • Weighted plié squat
  • Single-leg dumbbell deadlift (right)
  • Single-leg dumbbell deadlift (left)
  • Broad jumps with back peddle (do 5 broad jumps then run back backwards to start, repeat)

Repeat for 3 rounds, no rest until after 3rd round.

Circuit #3: Upper Body

  • Wide-grip lat pulldown
  • Push-ups with dumbbell row
  • Burpees with pushup

Repeat for 3 rounds, no rest until after 3rd round.

Circuit #4: Upper Body

  • Arnold press on stability ball
  • Kettlebell upright row
  • Plank jacks

Repeat for 3 rounds, no rest until after 3rd round

Circuit #5: Core

  • Elbow to knee plank
  • Weighted oblique twists
  • Swimmers

Repeat for 3 rounds, no rest until after 3rd round.

Run home and collapse.

Or take selfies.


Now, wish me luck on squeezing in 4 more workouts in the middle of the holiday chaos!

P.S. I JUST WON $100 TO SPORT CHEK FROM THE ATHLETARIAN!! I will totes blog whatever I buy!! YAY!







  1. Wooo you go girl! I love that you run in vibrams. I usually just wear mine on leg days 😀

  2. I love vibrams! The first time I ran in mine I had such bad calf doms I could barely walk for our days…. It….was….awesome! Can’t wait to see what u bought with your winnings!

  3. I just started reading/stalking your blog from the beginning and I’m going to try this workout tonight. You’re amazing! I also workout/run in my vibrams and they smell terrible, but I love them.

    • Danielle says:

      LOL, stalk away! Legit my VFFs smell so bad I have to wash them after every 2-3 wears or it’s just not socially acceptable anymore haha.

      Let me know how the workout goes!

      • I’ve almost given up washing mine! They smell sooooo bad!

        The workout was great! I’m still tired from it. I swapped the plyo for sprints until I do this again… Burpees /w pushups for a minute sound deadly!