Party #1!

This weekend Josh and I hosted a Christmas party at our place. We made a giant turkey and our friends brought all of the sides for a potluck style Christmas dinner! Lots of food and wine was consumed, and it was so cozy and festive, I want to do it EVERYDAY.

Here are the dogs in the Christmas spirit:

I just posted this picture and realized I have been totally blowing it on the Lemon Pic of the Week….woops.

Zola, my cute little niece.

No we don’t always torture our dogs, only for special occasions.

Some more pictures of the festivities:

One of the tables.

My cranberry/pine cone/white rose centrepieces!

Table 1 getting down to business.

Table 2!

After dinner we tried not to fall asleep by consuming lots of sugar and wine and/or beer with Christmas music on the record player. While all of this went on, Zola had bigger and better plans…

Half a turkey carcass for one. hahahah caught red handed.

After dinner we took a walk through a local park that is DECKED OUT in Christmas lights, I failed to take any photos. Mainly because we decided iPhones suck at night when it comes to picture taking, hah. It was lovely though! Then we went to a local pub and hung out for a while longer.

This weekend all of the major festivities start with a Christmukkah dinner on Friday, a Christmas party Saturday, a festive family dinner Sunday and then Christmas Eve/Day and Boxing Day! WEEE, I love the holidays.

Me n’ Santa.

What festive activities have you done so far?

Happy Monday!