Burns, Braids, Cuts

Hi guys!

December is always so busy! Nothing too exciting going on over here. I have yet to complete my Around the Bay 30k training schedule but I’m pretty sure I need to start training next week so I better get on that…

I have 11 workouts left until Christmas! Should be easy peasy because I’ve picked up a few extra bootcamps/training sessions which I always participate in, so those should give me double workouts on a couple days.

I’m actually doing some free group boot camps in Cambridge and Guelph this week/next so if you are in the area and would like to come for a little bootay-whipping, message me for the details!

Moving on…I continue to be obsessed with YouTube beauty tutorials and make-up in general. Exhibit A:

I often shy away from bright colours because my lips are slightly enormous (I know that goes against the logic of most people hah) but I’m getting better!

On Sunday, Josh and I went to Ikea to pick up a few odds and ends (unfortunately it was not the same location the monkey was at…tear) but I still saw something cray…

 YUP, that is a braid that goes all the way down to her calves….I have no words…

Next up, yesterday at the gym I dropped a 25lb dumbbell and managed to sandwich my finger between it and a sharp metal edge. Yup.

I don’t think it’s all that obvious from the picture but it was completely swollen and I could hardly bend it. Today it’s nice and purple. I just bandaged it up and continued with my workout in order to refrain from looking like a giant wuss in front of my gym buddies. True story.

I still managed to get a decent burn in though!


I think that concludes the random bits of information I wanted to share 🙂

Have you ever hurt yourself in the gym?







  1. Season Johnson says:

    I love your blog! Thanks so much!! I look forward to every update. Can you tell me what heart rate monitor you use? Do you use the chest strap? I would like to have one, but I have no idea where to start!

    • Aww! Thank you so much!! I use the Polar FT40 and yes it has a chest strap to measure your heart rate/calculate the burn. I believe mine is the cheapest/lowest model that does the Fit Test which is why I got it. If you don’t need that, I think there are cheaper ones that do everything else!

  2. Erin Kosinski says:

    Once I got a guy to help me get my dumbbells up while doing shoulder presses, he was a little too ‘helpful’ and ended up lifting my one elbow up and the weight hit me right in the head. Thankfully I didn’t drop it but, who wants a 35 pound weight to hit them in the head?
    Crazy stuff!