‘Work It Fitness’ & 15 more!

In my last post I vowed to get in 18 workouts before Christmas! My streak this week continues and we’ve got 15 workouts to go! After that, I will be starting my training for the Around the Bay 30k Road Race, with a potential marathon on May 4th– this would be my first full! The one and only reason I have not yet registered is because marathons are expensive– I want to be sure I am making it through Around the Bay training injury free before I go tossing out another $100! I’ve got my eyes set on either the Mississauga Marathon or the Goodlife Toronto Marathon– both on May 4th. Let’s hope my bod agrees! I will surely post my final running/strength training schedule when I finalize it!

In other news, I have officially set-up my personal training business, Work It Fitness! I’ve got a logo, a training location (the Embodied Energy Studio) and the paperwork to prove it! If you are in the Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario area and are looking for reasonably priced personal training, shoot me an e-mail! I also teach boot camps 4 nights a week in the Guelph/Cambridge areas, so if you would prefer a group setting, I’ve got that too! Just contact me for more specific details 🙂

Pretty, no? This beauty is courtesy of 10000 back and forth e-mails + the hard work of Jenny over at PB & Jenny! I’m also in the midst of setting up a new website and whatnot, which will certainly be linked from my blog when it’s ready!

How do you stay active during the holidays?







  1. OOOH DO GOODLIFE WITH ME!!!!! That is my next marathon for sure!

  2. To stay active during the holidays, I stick too my training schedule. If I know the weekend is going to be crazy, I make sure i fit my long run in during the week.

    Hooray for your first marathon! I’m hoping to do my first one in the spring but I can’t make it to Goodlife because I have the cheerleading worlds the weekend before it in Florida. I’m thinking I might go to Ottawa.

    • Love Ottawa Race Weekend! It’s so fun because it’s HUGE! I was considering that too..hmmmm..

  3. Love the logo!! I loved the Mississauga half last year so am attempting the full in May. The course was awesome w/ lots of trees. Goodlife runs down Yonge for a loooong time and then has an out and back at the end – not a fan of those, but that’s just me!

    • I generally zone out so much that I have no idea where I am anyway, haha true story. But YAY for fulls!! (We’re all crazy).