Lost & Found

So this week I finally got back to lifting after a pretty long hiatus (because of running and races), and I CLEARLY hit it a little too hard, because Josh had to tie my hair up for me at bed time last night due to my entirely useless arms. True story. Josh was really excited, hah.

Excuse the Movember “moustache” he has going on…ONE MORE DAY.

This picture also served as proof this morning that my earring did not go missing in my sleep. It went missing sometime between my Wednesday workout (it appears in my post-workout selfie) and my Thursday workout (no earring up in that post-workout selfie).


…no earring..(okay so you can’t see it but in another picture from the same selfie shoot, you can. haha)

WHAT A MYSTERY! I legit wear pearl earrings at all times..running, racing, lifting, sleeping, showering…you get it. Now I only have one. Sigh. Time for  a new pair!

ANYWAY, today I was on the hunt for a few things in some old boxes and I came across something awesome!

This is my very first training schedule from February 2010, when I first started running. If you look closely you can see just how slow I was! I had been running for exactly 3 weeks before I started this schedule– I still came home feeling nauseous after every run. Even when I started this plan, never did I think I would keep it up and become a ‘real runner.’ I never really thought beyond the end goal of a half marathon. Sticking with it, finding my love for the sport, and continuing to improve, is one thing I am most proud of myself for. I will always be a runner, I know that now. I tucked this little piece of paper into a scrapbook and will always keep it as a reminder of where I started. Every little check mark on this sheet was once it’s own mountain for me, all of which I overcame. That’s a reminder I can stand to have every now and again 🙂 (And yes, I finished the entire schedule to a “T” I just started to think I was too legit for check marks apparently…).


Do you save your training plans so you can watch your progress?


Happy Friday!