Holidays, Presents, Lemon!

Hey friends!

Guess what? CHRISTMAS IS COMING. Ha, like you didn’t already know. I’m SO EXCITED. I hope this year doesn’t go like all the other years: scour internet picking cool gifts you can only get online and then don’t order them and then scrounge to get presents in real stores because now there is no time for shipping. Yup. Sounds pretty likely.

The other day Josh and I were at The Superstore and we found this GIGANTIC stuffed monkey. Lemon’s two favourite toys of all time were monkeys and she seems to love stuffed animals the most based on their size alone. SO when we saw this bad boy I knew I had to get it for Lemon! I was going to get it for her for Christmas (yes…we buy our pets presents) but clearly I was too excited and gave it to her right away.

They are two best friends.

Oh hey come on monkey, let’s pancake this igloo Mom bought me.

…can someone help us get up to bed please?

She really has no concept of how enormous it is and tries to take it everywhere. And don’t you dare try to help her.

ANYWAY, back to Christmas. Rumour has it my Mum (hi Mum!) is pretty mad no one has sent her their Christmas lists yet. I really have no idea what to ask for….so I ask you!

What’s on your list? What are COOL THINGS I must ask for or buy for others?

oh and Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends!





  1. SO flippin adorable! I love lemon!

  2. True story. Send me some ideas, please….please…or I’ll buy you all socks and underwear…ugly underwear. haha My Lemon is too cute for words. xoxo

    p.s that monkey is ridiculous.

  3. Haha Lemon is too funny! SO cute how she loved the giant monkey so much!!

  4. That monkey is ginormous! Especially next to Lemon! Too cute!

    I have no idea what I want for Christmas. Although, an awesome gift that I saw is charger for your iPod but it works when your iPod is completely dead. No more worrying about not having a playlist at the gym!

  5. Ahhh I love Lemon! I wonder if Rex and Logan would fight over something like that šŸ˜‰ lol I love that you couldn’t even wait for xmas to come ;P lol

  6. OMG I miss you so much. Catch up starts now. I’ve had like NO TIME. I still can’t get over how Lemon pancakes that igloo. Makes me die every time.

    I don’t even know what I want this year. I honestly don’t need anything. Isn’t that pathetic?? Maybe a Lululemon scuba hoodie? Believe it or not, I don’t have one of those yet. And I’ll probably need winter running gear since I’ll probably die without it while training for this dumb 30K over the winter. What the F is wrong with us?? Other than that, I can’t think of anything else…except for a bag (or three!) of Kernels popcorn.