In a Time Warp.


So in case you haven’t noticed, I fell off the face of the planet for a good week and a half. I had some health issues come up, then managed to run the Hamilton half marathon anyway, and then I was away on business from the 5th through to late last night. The week was absolutely crazy. We slept somewhere between 2-4 hours each night, working around the clock.

Heading to the airport…before I knew what was about it hit me. Hah.


We were throwing a huge event in Montreal with the Coaching Association of Canada and the Canadian Olympic Committee. I legit felt like I was in a time warp and just woke up on the other side with a million things to do in my own life. Everything else was on hold while this event was happening. There was literally no time for working out and hardly any time for eating. I ate poorly and infrequently. Boy, does my body hate me right now. My most prized meal was likely the dinner that consisted of two Girl Guide thin mints, two chocolate squares and one giant glass of wine downed in approximately 3 minutes, before heading back to work. This is what we call succumbing to stress, hah, woops. At least it carried me through the following 6 hours.

Just add wine. Dinner of champs.


The good news is I’m back home and can get right back into my routine. I’m teaching two boot camps tonight so at least I know I’ll get a good sweat in to start and I’m back in my own kitchen, so I can eat real food. Hope you all have been keeping well.


Back soon with the Hamilton Half Marathon race recap!


How do you start fresh after stressing your body out for 8 straight days?






  1. I LOVE GIRL GUIDE COOKIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and I also have severe hair envy 🙂

    I am glad you’re back and I can’t wait to hear about your R2H version!