This happened.

The secret to doing crazy things?

Give your money away and commit before your brain or your body figure out what’s up.


I’ve actually run 30k+ mulitple times…but never raced. And racing isn’t really what makes me nervous. What makes me nervous is training through the winter in Vibrams! Anyone have any minimalist winter running tips? I actually LOVE running in the winter, it’s harder to get out the door but it’s so nice once you get out there. BUT, I’ve never seriously trained through the winter as a minimalist runner. We’ll see how this goes. To jack up the pressure a bit I also applied for a “Front of the Pack” start corral.

2:45 LET’S DO IT. Okay in all seriousness I don’t care about time. I just want to finish INJURY FREE so I can (dare I say…)…run a full marathon in May. YUP.

Anyway, Lemon and I are hanging out eating PB and guarding the house. So I better go.


How do you trick yourself into doing scary things?

Happy November!





  1. I very often sign up for races that way. I trained for a half marathon last winter and although I’m not a minimalist runner, I didn’t find it too bad! I did the Hypothermic Half in February as my first half and the temp was feels like -27. Was very thankful for my outdoor training!I’m signing on for my first full marathon in May too!

  2. Ahh you are awesome! I have only run a half. I can’t imagine doing that in vibrams though! I love my vibrams, but I haven’t worked my way up yet.

  3. I have no advice for you. I am terrified though. Does that help? I didn’t know that I could apply for that corral!! I wonder if I can change it? What did you have to do? For some reason I thought you had to have run that exact same race before. BAH.

  4. Lady you are amazing!!

  5. last year the temps for the actual race were PERFECT! and I saw numerous people running in NO SHOES! lol

    I don’t have any tips but might be able to help. I know he runs all year in vibrams


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