Tosca Competes! (I crash the party).

WHOAA. I had such a crazy weekend! I’m going to start with a Saturday recap because it was AWESOME. I had a million things to do yesterday so I didn’t really get to rest and today I am severely struggling to walk…but that’s fine.

So as many of you probably know, Saturday was Tosca Reno’s bikini competition! Her competition just so happened to be in my city, and I had been thinking about going since she first announced it. Because of my race on Sunday, I decided to skip out. But Saturday morning I woke up and I was feeling like I would regret it! So, I texted Christina, I said I’M COMING!!! And off I went.

I’ve never been to one of these things before and it was definitely an experience! It was cool to see the results of everyone’s hard work and dedication. I WILL say though that the critiquing these people go through is crazy– actual judges aside, just listening to people in the audience criticize every piece of these girls made me cringe. Power to them for having the back bones to do this, I don’t think I could take it!

Some of the action while we were waiting for Tosca!

Finally Tosca hit the stage and she did not disappoint! She looked amazing! She looked so happy, she was glowing.

Unfortunately I could only stay for pre-judging but Christina kept me updated with sweet pictures, such as this one…!!!

Amazing! Tosca worked so hard through her preparation process and she didn’t pretend for a moment that it was easy. Such an inspiration and a great win for her and Bob alike!

OH, this also happened at some point…

No big deal.

After that I headed to Toronto, grabbed my race kit and tried to get some rest…

Race recap to follow!

Have you ever competed in or been to a fitness competition? How did you find the atmosphere?




  1. EEEE SO FUN!!! LOOKS AMAZING!! SO inspiring! Cant wait for your race recap!

  2. So awesome!!!!

  3. Oh I am so happy for her & bob. I know Bob was looking down upon her the whole time!!

    ps. completely jealous you got the chance to meet Tosca!

  4. Oh my gosh.. her face just glows in that first photo of her!!! How cool is it that you got to go?!