A Thanksgiving Update

So a few updates….

1) I had THREE Thanksgiving meals on the weekend, THREE. And I’m not even a little sick of turkey, I kinda want to roast one right now.  My only Thanksgiving evidence:

The boys playing 3D video games, obviously.

Lemon hiding because she doesn’t want anymore lipstick kisses from her crazy Aunt.

2) I started a new job! I’m a legit personal trainer! Officially!

3) It’s race week! And I have a cold. And no way I’m going to PR. And it makes me sad.

Sorry, that was a bad attitude. I’M GOING TO PR AND IT IS GOING TO BE AWESOME.

4) I broke the #1 race rule and got new running shoes (VFFs, obvs) that I plan to wear on race day. I’ll test them out before then, at least for a kilometre… Aren’t they sweet?

They are a huge improvement from my current ones, let me tell ya. Check these out:

Those are in a sad state of affairs. I wore them as long as I could possibly bear, but now I can legit feel my toes rubbing on the cement just like the rubber once did, and that is just not cool. I’m still wearing them for indoor workouts, but for running outside they aren’t so enjoyable. The new pair I got (called the “SeeYa”) is much lighter and much more minimalistic than this pink pair (the “Bikila”). I’m not sure I can transition directly into them actually..especially during race week..perhaps I should do some research… Hah, woops. I’ll get on that. One thing I am worried about is the actual ankle opening on the SeeYas, it is much wider and it feels a bit loose on my heel. I’m worried about my heel popping right out of them. So I guess as I write this I am realizing that maybe I should not be racing in them and maybe I should go buy another pair of Bikilas… Hah. We’ll see!

5) I lost my iPhone. BUT! Got it back! Thanks to a couple good people.  The story:

Friday I bused out early to Toronto for some training for my new job. Training was a pretty stressful event on it’s own, but I’ll leave that out. After training, I headed back to Union Station to use the washrooms to change out of my sweaty workout gear, because I had a few errands to run. I left the washroom and soon realized I was missing my jacket. I went back to the same stall I changed in to find an empty hook. I headed over to the lost and found office and asked the attendant if she had seen my jacket. She said no. Then I thought maybe I did in fact stuff my jacket in my bag after all, so I headed back to the washroom to pull everything out of my over-packed backpack. Sure enough there it was at the bottom of my bag.  This is pretty typical Danielle behaviour.

I then headed over to the subway platform and waited in line to get change from the attendant. There was a huge line so I figured I should check my work e-mail before I headed underground on the subway. When I went to reach for my phone, I quickly realized I didn’t have it. I ran out of line and into a corner and started searching all my jacket/backpack/purse pockets for my phone. Now to make things extra stressful, I ever-so-intelligently keep my iPhone in a case that has a little pocket that also holds my i.d., credit card, debit card, MENCHIE’S CARD, you know, all the important things.

I ran back to the Union Station washrooms where I knew I last had my phone, obviously it was no where to be found. I was sure it had a new home by now, but decided to do my best to track it down. LUCKILY, I had decided to take my MacBook with me that day, so I knew I could track my phone using the Find My Phone application. I ran to the nearest empty seat in the station and started looking for wifi. Can you believe that the biggest bus/train transit terminal in Canada’s largest city DOES NOT HAVE WIFI? Me either. I looked around and saw that the guy beside me had a huge fancy Samsung phone, so I asked him if he had a wireless hotspot option. He looked a little confused at first, but quickly agreed to let me use it when I told him what I needed it for. I pulled up the application and could see that my phone was still in the station. My new friend started calling it for me while I sent alarms to my phone to see if I could hear it beeping. Neither of us had any luck. We decided to walk over to the lost and found station where I talked to the same girl I had spoken to earlier. It went something like “Oh hey I’m that crazy girl who supposedly lost her jacket before (that I am currently wearing), but now I really lost my iPhone. For real this time.” She laughed and said “Like, just now?” I said “yes, in the washroom again.” She clearly thought I was crazy and said “No, sorry.”  Hahah my life.

We continued to refresh the Find My Phone application and call my phone directly. It wasn’t moving on the map, and no one was answering the calls. Eventually my new friend had to go catch his train, and I was on my own, sans wifi (first world problems to the max, I know, but I DO have a point). Next, I moped around Union Station trying to find another wifi connection. No luck. I eventually closed up my laptop and started wandering around like a sad, lost puppy. I knew my phone was in there, but I didn’t know how to get it! Maybe ten minutes of this went by, when all of a sudden my friend with the phone ran up and grabbed my shoulders in excitement and said “I FOUND IT!” I was so confused. This wonderful stranger I met went to catch his train and continued calling my phone. Eventually someone answered and he learned it was a Go Transit attendant. Someone had turned in my phone to them. He tried to convince the GO attendant to give him my phone so that he could get it to me, since he had my number. When the attendant declined, this incredibly kind person MISSED HIS TRAIN HOME just so he could run around Union Station looking for me, so he could make sure I got my phone back.

First world problem aside, the kindness that these two strangers showed (the one who turned it in and the one who helped me find it) completely made my Thanksgiving weekend! I basically exploded with gratitude and was (almost) just as excited about the kindness of others as I was about not having to buy another phone. I later texted the man who helped me and got his address so I can send along a thank-you.

What was the nicest thing a stranger has done for you?

What was the biggest race day mistake you’ve ever made?


Hope all my fellow Canadians had fantastic Thanksgiving weekends too!







  1. HOW NICE OF HIM!! Omg that is the best story ever. It made my day and it didn’t even happen to me! Some people are just so nice. I am happy you have your phone. Now you better get to texting me so we can figure out if I’ll see your pretty face this weekend. MMMMK?

  2. I LOVE random acts of kindness. Ever see the movie Pay it Forward? If not, definitely watch it. It’s amazing. AHH congrats on the new job!!!!! Wahoo!

    • Thank you!! No I haven’t seen that movie! I should definitely watch it! Thanks for the suggestion!!

  3. I love this story. melted my heart a bit.

  4. Such an amazing story!! Also, congratulations on your new job. So excited for you xo

  5. Worst race day mistake – not taking advantage of the potty pre-race.

    cramps.. chills.. crazy discomfort.

    Use your imagination. Yep. That bad.

  6. That’s an amazing act of kindness!! I left my blackberry (circa 2007 – ha) in a NYC taxi and the driver picked up my call & returned my phone! Good karma 🙂 I almost bought the See Yas but held off b/c of the heel slippage – looking forward to hearing what you think of them.

    • I love it!

      I wore the SeeYas to the gym today and put them through the ringer: treadmill sprints, burpees, suicides. They were awesome! They don’t come anywhere near falling off, especially as the feet get sweatier. I think I was just so used to the feeling of my Bikilas that I thought these would fall off but they totally stay put, I just have to get used to the different feel of them! I’ll let ya know how they hold up for the 21.1 on Sunday!


  1. […] were awesome! I also did a quick 2km jaunt in them outside today once I decided I would keep them. I mentioned I was worried about the heel of the shoe slipping off, but this was not an issue at all. I just had […]