My 100th Post! (+ Knits by Nat giveaway!)

So I logged onto my little old WordPress account and somehow managed to get lost (like usual). It turns out it was FATE because I happened to see the tally of my total posts, which was 99!  WHAAA?? 100 already? I have had so much fun blogging these past few months and have met so many fantastic people. I love the blogging community– bloggers and readers alike. I learn so much from all of you and I can only hope some of you have learned something from me. As a giant thank-you for supporting my blog, I want to support your Fall/Winter wardrobe! This bad boy is going to keep your neck so toasty and cozy and warm. And propped up. Especially when you’re on trains/planes/automobiles.

My sister, Natalie, is 95 years old and she spends her evenings knitting scarves so the rest of us can look cute. Okay, she’s 23 but she’s got skills like your Grandma.

Here are some pics of my sisters and I being cute and cozy in our Knits by Nat.

Now here is the freaking adorable scarf that Nat made just for one of my lucky readers! I’ve been saving it for a giveaway in the cooler weather…suddenly it’s October 1st…

If you can’t handle the excitement and you want a scarf IMMEDIATELY, Nat makes custom scarves with your choice of size/colours. Send an e-mail to danielle[at]workitweariteatit[dot]com or send me a Facebook message and I will pass you along to Nat so you can place your order 🙂

If you want to try your luck first, all you have to do is:

  • First entry (mandatory): Leave me a comment telling me how cold your neck is and how you want to wear this scarf apple picking, and to the pumpkin patch, and on a hay ride, because those are all the things my scarf and I are going to do together too.
  • Second entry (optional): Share this giveaway on Facebook and tag Work It. Wear It. Eat It. in your post. Leave me another comment and let me know that you did this.
  • Third entry (optional): Tweet this giveaway and leave another comment letting me know that you did! (e.g. “I want to win a cozy scarf from @WorkWearEat”)

Contest closes Friday October 5th at 11:59pm EST! Open to residents of Canada and the US. 


Happy 100th blog post to me!!!!!!






  1. I would wear this on my morning walks, we live near the ocean and it gets chilly in the fall/winter. Plus it would look absolutely ADORABLE! Can’t beat that <3

  2. I would wear this scarf to work, at home, to the cinemas, to the beach and everywhere in between. You all look gorgeous in it, and I can’t wait to feel the same 🙂

  3. The scarf would accompany me on walks near the river,to the park, and everywhere in general. Manitoba winters are cold!

  4. charmaine barden says:

    I would wear this beautiful fall scarf while I wait for the bus at school. It never seems to come quickly when it’s cold outside. I bet all the other students would be jealous of me wearing this gorgeous, warm and comfy scarf.

  5. Amanda Legare says:

    Fall and of course winter are always cold in Alberta! I’ve been eyeing this scarf since your first blog post about it!! This would definitely be a wear everyday scarf! It won’t what I’m doing, I’d wear it!!
    So if I don’t win this, I will definitely be messaging about ordering one!

  6. Ummm I spend my winters playing with horses in the freezing weather – but I like to look stylish while doing it – this scarf would certainly help!!! Who says you can’t look fashion-forward and cozy?!

  7. MY NECK IS SO COLD! I would wear this scarf up the mountain on the way to class and maybe make it there without turning into an ice cube. Imagine, looking cute in the midst of the Montreal winter!? This freaking cute scarf is giving me some hope!

  8. This is my second comment to let you know I just harassed my facebook friends into reading this blog post. 🙂

  9. And this is me back yet again to let you know I just tweeted to the world about how I want a beautiful scarf for fall 🙂

  10. I would wear this to school in the freezing morning, because I walk to and from school everyday! =D

  11. I would love a warm scarf for the chilly and soon-to be rainy mornings in Vancouver! They also look super stylish.

    And since my name is Danielle too! I probably should have a scarf 😛

  12. I tweeted about the contest!

  13. My poor neck is so chilly these days! I would love to wrap it up with this gorgeous scarf modelled by beautiful women!!

  14. I Looovveeeeeeeeeee scarves! My neck is always so chilly (plus air down your back is the worst!) and I love the feeling of something cosily wrapped around my neck!

  15. and I tweeted 🙂

  16. Christy Killeen says:

    I wouldnrock this adorable scarf at work! I am a Kindergarten teacher and I love to dress stylish yet cozy. This would keep me cozy and warm on those days when I had morning recess duty and the fog has not yet lifted!!

    • Hah! Morning recess in the winter, I remember that! My fingers are crossed for you, you definitely need one!!

  17. Congrats on your 100th post! I always enjoy reading your blog! When you first posted this scarf earlier in the year some time I totally fell in love with it! Your sister is talented! I would wear this scarf everywhere! I commute by bike so it would be very handy to keep my neck warm in my top speeds:)

  18. I would wear this awesome scarf all day at work! Our office is so chilly that my poor neck is miserable. I would also wear this awesome scarf to and from work, to and from class, while walking my really cute puppy, and of course apple picking! Especially when I am climbing to the very top of the apple tree to get the BEST apple!

    Thank you!

    • We should totally get Nat to make puppy sized ones so we can all match our dogs…AM I RIGHT?

  19. MY NECK NEEDS THIS!!!!! I am hiking along the bruce trail this weekend with the family for thanksgiving and then I plan to go to the pumpkin patch AND apple picking next weekend – no joke! lol

    I love Nat’s scarfs….I will probably need her email addy 🙂

  20. I’ll post to facebook 🙂

  21. Allyson Rideout says:

    Beautiful scarves. I’d wear it whereever I go. Hayrides, pumpkin patch, drinking my pumpkin spice latte at starbucks lol. I’d wear it with my 5 year old cause she loves to share. Perfect timing for this NC weather :]

  22. My neck is always cold and I look forward to wearing this scarf apple picking, and to the pumpkin patch, on a hay ride and tailgating at Spartan Stadium before the Michigan State/Nebraska football game.

    Actually it’s my wife’s neck, but it gets really cold and the scarf would look great on her. If I win, it will be part of her birthday present.

    Thank You =8-)

  23. Wow, that scarf is GORGEOUS! My neck is always cold – working in an office, when 1 person is hot, the A/C gets cranked, all year long! I would wear this lovely scarf on my anniversary get-away to Whistler, picking out pumpkins at the apple barn…and at my desk, all fall/winter long 🙂

  24. My entire body is always cold, but my neck is cold when I go outside this time of year because it’s the only thing I can’t cover up!! I would wear this scarf when I walk my dog, when I go outside, heck, I’d wear it all the time! It’s beautiful.

  25. I also tweeted it (I really want this scarf – I am legit obsessed with scarves, haha).

  26. I would love to wear this scarf, hopefully while drinking cider and attempting to look put together!

  27. Congrats girl!!!! that’s super exciting! I am so happy to have found your blog a couple months ago 🙂
    The scarf is so beautiful! I can feel the cold air in Vancouver now, fall is defiantly here!!! Now i wanna go on a hay ride with the scarf like you’re planning to do! Haha 🙂

    Hope you have a fabulous day! Thanks for the contest chance!

  28. So cute!!! It doesn’t get snowy here in FL, but hey, sometimes it does drop pretty low and my cold tolerance isn’t that great 😉 I’d love this!

  29. I tweeted!

  30. FB’d!

  31. BTW, you’re adorable! HAH. So funny you say apple picking b/c we actually have an apple picking and then baking clean eating apple pie day planned. Can you say yum? And we all know what Chicago weather can be like … hence the need for your sister’s awesome Grandma skills scarf. I’m also a 20somethingyroldgrandma. I fall asleep on the couch at 9 pm …. shhhhhh!

    • HAHA me too but it’s more fun to make fun of people who do it whilst knitting..AM I RIGHT? (sorry Nat, haha).

  32. Dallas Crane Daigle says:

    My neck is so chilly and I’d love to wear this adorable scarf while I picked apples, went to the amazing pumpkin patch here in SC and the road on a hay ride with my 3 babies! Yet, if I won I wouldn’t keep this, I’d give it away. I have a friend who has opened a salon and it’s theme is Pink. Not because she’s a girly girl but because she has a passion for woman who are going through breast cancer. Along with her salon she is opening up a Cancer suite to pamper these woman and want to provide these services for free, meaning she needs donations. So, if I won this lovely scarf, it would snuggle around a brave womans neck who is dealing with this horrible sickness.

  33. Erin Kosinski says:

    My neck is so cold I’d wear this at my computer right now! I would wear this scarf on cute winter walks with my boyfriend and while sitting around the fire place at my parents house.
    Such a gorgeous scarf, just perfect for my neck. 😛

  34. I need a knits by Nat scarf for apple picking, hiking & general fall cuteness! I did all of the above 😉 xoxo

    • Gotta love general fall cuteness. Make sure you post for each thing you did! One comment = one entry 🙂

  35. Congratulations on your 100th post girl. How exciting 🙂

    This scarf would come with me wherever I go. I hear it gets ridiculously cold over here in Kuwait during the winter months. I want to show all these kuwatis how cute american clothes are 🙂

  36. tweeted your giveaway!

  37. Dallas Crane Daigle says:

    Tweeted and shared on my FB 🙂

  38. I just LOVE the fall for scarves, but I’m such a scarf girl that I wear them all year round. The best scarves are the handmaid ones! I am continually keeping my little neck warm at work and to and from home. When I don’t yet need a jacket, I grab my favorite scarf, for walks, or errands, no matter what I’m doing, my little neck is kept warm or stylish… 🙂

  39. OOOH How did I miss this! My neck is very cold! I need this scarf to study with and drink yummy tea, and stroll in the park with furbaby clark!! LOVE!

    And I tweeted!

  40. OH MY GOSH! I loooove this giveaway!! I ran out of the house yesterday morning to load my truck and BUUUUURRRRS, BUURRRS, BURRS!! It is officially Fall in my neighborhood!! I absolutely need to revamp my scarf collection and start rocking them. I’m a Maui girl, not used to “Seasons” and I must say… I’m stoked! I love it — as long as I’m dressed for it:) I will no doubt be doing LOTS of adventures in your precious scarf should I win, and the best part is — I’ll document it because I’m a chronic picture taker!! =D

  41. I would love to have the beautiful comfy scarf so I could wear it on my walks with Brutus, on my way to work and any other opportunity possible! 🙂

  42. I’m from Newfoundland—this scarf would be nice for our cold cold winter!!

  43. Jess @ says:

    I adore that scarf!! I would wear it on long walks with my two loves, Annabelle and Andrew as well as on my way to work to stay oh so fashionable but still be super warm!!


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