Run in the Sun

So for almost 3 years now, I have been running outside, NEVER EVER wearing sunglasses. EVER. I find myself squinting, my eyes water, and when it’s really bad I get headaches from all of the squinting too!  The main reason I have never picked up a pair of running sunglasses is because they are beyond ugly. Should I care what I look like when I run? No. Do I usually? Not really. But these bad boys are just too ugly to get past…

Not cute. I’m sorry. Just not.

Nope, not an insect. A real person.


So you are probably asking why I don’t just wear regular sunglasses? Because a) I am an idiot and because b) there are important features of running sunglasses that regular ones don’t have:

  • Athletic sunglasses fit closer to your face, allowing less sun (and crap) to get in your eyes.
  • They stay in place with movement.
  • They can protect from UVA, UVB and UVC rays. My cheapie sunglasses only protect against one type. Without protection from all types you can damage your eyes, and we only get one pair of eyes so DON’T MESS.
  • They are very light and barely noticeable
  • Many are polarized which means they seriously cut down on the glare from the sun

SO I made a point of seeking out some CUTE sunglasses that are also functional for athletic activities. They are few and far between but it turns out that Oakley seems to know what’s up– they have quite a few pairs of decent looking, functional sunglasses! I passed this information on to my parents (in the form of a birthday list…) and VOILA.

Not bad right? They are the Polarized Oakley Overtime in tortoise/bronze and I lovvve them. Here’s part of the description:

“With Oakley Overtime™, looking good while playing hard is easier than ever. Boldly designed square frames with delicately sculpted stems bring out the fashionable side of any athlete. Graceful yet strong, Overtime embodies the power and beauty of the Oakley woman.”

PERFECT! Am I right? Now I just need to not lose/break them…

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative, I also found this cute pair by Ryders! 

So, again, learn from my mistakes and pick up some protective eyewear! You can even stay cute!

Happy Friday!






  1. I usually just wear a hat outside! That way it covers my eyes, but it doesn’t feel like something is falling off my face. These are super cute though!

  2. I have those same sunglasses and got them for the same reason. I love them for running and casual wear. I could not stand the other athletic glasses I have eyebrows that sit up high and it always looks funny if my sunglasses do not cover them.

  3. I have never gotten sports sunglasses either – if I ever wore any when I was doing longer running, I just wore some regular ones and took ’em off when they got annoying hah. A girl after my own thoughts. SO excited you got functional AND cute ones!

  4. These ones are cute!I won a pair of the bug eye ones off a blog and they aren’t TOO bad but I prefer to wear a pair of aviators I have. They stay in place and I didn’t pay too much for them!