My New Arm Candy!

So I mentioned in my birthday post how I got a new beautiful bag and I wanted to give it a post on it’s own!

Back in May when I was visiting BC I went to this adorable store called Sitka in Victoria. They had this FREAKING CUTE handbag that I was dying to have but it was a wee bit over my budget after all of the travelling expenses.

This is the first one I laid my eyes on! (The pictures don’t do them justice, FYI).

It’s just one of those timeless, good quality bags that you will for your entire life,you know? This one is called the Sadie, my fave of all her beautiful styles. I talked to one of the store associates and she told me how all of the bags are made locally and made by hand. She said that just one bag takes hours and hours to make! I got the name on the label (ORA) and off I went, talking about the bag for the next 4 days with a sad face (Sorry Josh and Andrew).

When I got home I found Ora Bags on Facebook and Instagram (@orabags) and proceeded to stalk Randi (the owner and beautiful bag maker extraordinaire) of Ora Bags for the next 3 months…

She taunted me with photos such as these:

With summer coming to an end it meant that all the new Ora Bags were being released. But it also meant all the “old” Ora Bags were going on SALE! Win!  After posting about a store sale on Instagram, Randi was nice enough to honour the sale price for me and ship one out to Ontario! Weee! Josh wasn’t so excited when he found out I stole his birthday present idea so I let him buy it for me. Hahah, rough life. I ended up going with the nude/pale pink Sadie and I am obsessed with it. I already tell Josh all about how I still need a black one. Right?

The leather is SO SOFT and Randi doesn’t treat her leather with any chemicals or harmful substances so it’s au natural. I want it in 100 colours and 100 sizes. Randi also does custom leather bags so if you’re dreaming up an idea definitely let her know! I already have my first custom Ora Bag in mind!

Here we are, Sadie and I, two best friends.

Now we are off to celebrate my day of birth! (Belated, I know!)

Have a great weekend!