Why I Run

Today was chest and triceps and it went wonderfully because it was quick, to the point, and I didn’t have to (rather I chose not to..) run after!

I’ve been having some really crappy runs lately. Like, all of them. I’m too crampy, I’m too hot, I’m too cold, I’m TOO SLOW and I’m NOT READY! In all seriousness, I think this allergy season has taken a serious toll on me and I am waiting and waiting for it to pass. I wake up every morning completely congested and then try to go workout. I’m significantly slower than I was in May, and at this rate my chances of PR-ing are looking very grim. I’m trying to stay positive because PR or not, I love to run. So I decided to write down all the reasons I will keep training and race anyway.

  • For the look on my neighbors face when I run past their house for the 3rd time in 2 hours
  • For when the heat breaks and it starts to rain right as I need it most
  • For when I lap that guy I saw on the same path a half hour ago
  • For the carbs I get to eat before
  • For the carbs I get to eat after
  • For the carbs I get to eat DURING
  • For the new pairs of running shoes
  • For the Lululemon!
  • For the ever-so-flattering race photos
  • For the chance at another PR. Every run is another chance for that feeling. The. Best. Feeling.
  • For a good excuse to get a pedicure
  • For how cute my dog looks when I take her with me
  • For the strangers who see my name on my bib and cheer for me on race day
  • For everyone who can’t run
  • For the right to wear my finisher’s medal ALL DAY on race day
  • For the future me who one day may not be able to run at all
  • For that good, clean, I just sweat out all the bad stuff feeling
  • For the sprinklers I get to jump through when it’s hot!
  • For the “good mornings” and “good afternoons” from fellow runners
  • For the personal trainer who told me I couldn’t
  • For the finish line cookies and bagels
  • For the funny signs held by people cheering
  • For the funny faces people make at my Vibram FiveFingers!
  • For the sore legs the next day
  • For my Grandma and Grandpas
  • For the health of my heart

So shut up Garmin, I know I’m slow. But I’m happy anyway 🙂


Why do you run?






  1. Loved all your reasons! Makes me wish i was a runner. I really suck at it to be honest, and i don’t know how or where to start! Sure the treadmill i can do haha, but as soon as i hit the pavement outside i feel like i can hardly make it down the street! And i am not in that bad of shape! Makes me mad! 🙂

    • VANESSA! Don’t be mad! You can run! I was the exact same way– I could run on the treadmill all day but take me to a sidewalk and game over in 50 steps. I started very small with a plan that was based on time, not distance. I started with running 1 minute, walking 2 minutes and alternating for maybe 20 minutes. Afterwards I would feel completely nauseous to the point where I had to go put my head between my legs. I slowly increased the run time and decreased the walk time until I was cruising along. You can 100% do it too, you just have to start somewhere! Seriously, sign up for a 5k a month from now, you can do it!

  2. love love loveee this post!!! I relate to EVERYTHING you mentioned!!!

  3. Danielle,
    You are such an inspiration! To this day when I think I can’t run any further I think of you and how you’re doing it and doing it so well! Awesome website too!!!

    • To think that I inspire my friends and family completely boggles my mind! Thank you so much Michelle!! Keep running! (You need to catch the bad guys).

  4. Aw, Danielle! What a wonderful post! Love it! And all so true! Now come visit and we will do a race together! There’s an awesome 5K here in October for a great cause. I’ll email you about it! <3

  5. I LOVED this Danielle <3 You're AWESOME

  6. LOVE your list of reasons! Vibram Five Finger shoes ROCK! I have been running in the same pair as you for the last year…..started doubting I would eve be able to increase mileage until I realized in the last week I had run 16.5 miles over 4 days. It gave me the motivation to keep going and just take extra care of muscles…more stretching, more yoga, and more massages (oh, darn the luck). Just started reading your blog and glad that I found it. Keep up the great work!

    • Thanks so much! Make the foam roller your BFF and you’ll be doing all your running in VFFs (with no pain after!) in no time!


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