What I Ate Wednesday: My First One!

I actually managed to take pictures of all my food yesterday so why not a little WIAW action? I’ve never done this before!

Yesterday was only 4 meals instead of 5 or 6 because I got up a bit later and they were a bit bigger so I wasn’t hungry as often. ALSO, I usually more carbs than this, but my microwave is busted and it is cramping my style. On a more typical day insert brown rice/quinoa/sweet potato or an ezekiel english muffin in meal 2! Sometimes I cut starchy carbs later in the day, but not if I’m going to workout  later at night  like I did yesterday, and not if I’m dying for some carb lovin’. (Which is basically always).

1. Protein pancake with fig jam, just like Monday 🙂 I want to eat this for every meal.

2. Chicken (about 5oz) cooked in a skillet with 1 chopped fig, white raisins, garam masala, cinnamon and a bit of xylitol. Two raw red peppers on the side. I almost always eat my veggies raw because I prefer it and it’s 10000x easier.

3. Okay this is one of my weird things I don’t tell people about, hah. When I want a sweet treat I whip up these random concoctions. This one is 1/2 scoop chocolate About Time protein, 1 tbsp natural peanut butter, 2 tbsp uncooked quick oats and a splash of unsweetened vanilla almond milk. I mix it all up and its kinda like an oatmeal cookie dough. NOMS. Then I just ate a sliced cucumber drizzled with EVOO and balsamic to get my veggies in.

4. Around 3oz chicken cooked in lemon juice and random spices on an ezekiel tortilla with Wholly Guacamole spicy guac and raw cucumber/red pepper. This was freaking delicious. It was also post workout (late workout yesterday) so I also had a little bowl of strawberries to eat after, but I wasn’t really hungry so I ate a couple and gave the rest to Josh.


It was leg day and I never cease to hate my life on leg day. Always feels amazing after though! The calorie burn always boggles my mind.


What was your favourite meal yesterday? Mine was obvs breakfast 🙂

Carbs/Protein/Fat– who has your heart? Carbs. Or fat. Mostly carbs. Carbs with fat (aka. PB) would be ideal. Who’s with me?





  1. Woo welcome to the WIAW party! ;D Holy calorie burn! Go girlllllll

  2. How the heck so you burn that many calories in that amount of time?!? Bananas.

    Yummy eats. I’m carbs. All carbs. Nom.