The Rehearsal Dinner

So I hoped that by the time I went to post the wedding recap I would have a bunch of pictures for you but alas, I do not. We as bridesmaids mostly failed at taking pictures and were a wee bit too dependent on the wonderful photographers. So for now I will start with the rehearsal dinner recap and buy myself some more time to collect wedding day pics! šŸ™‚

After pulling myself together post-trail race, I hoped on a bus and headed to my parents’ house to start the wedding fun! It started with a typical pre-wedding trip to the nail salon, obvs.

The Bride!


After we left the nail salon we went home and got pretty and then headed out to the rehearsal in St. Catherine’s at Hernder Estates Winery, the wedding venue. The rehearsal dinner followed at a restaurant called The Office. It was a family style meal and the food was FREAKING DELICIOUS. There was this Moroccan chicken with chickpeas and raisins and dates and all sorts of delights. I want to recreate it.

The maid of honour, Lauren is SUPER pregnant and I happened to catch a picture of her and my sister the moment the baby kicked extra hard! My sister was legit this excited, she didn’t know I was taking a picture hah.


At the rehearsal dinner my sister also gave all of the bridesmaids gifts! She treated us to the manicures earlier in the day and also gave us the cutest personalized matching clutches (containing packs of Kleenex and $1 for good luck!) and Stila makeup palettes!

We left the restaurant to head home around 10:30pm to get ready for the big day! Stay tuned for the wedding day recap šŸ™‚

Tomorrow is my birthday and I may or may not find time to post. Josh took the day off work just for me so we can do fun stuff, i.e. go hiking with Lemon. YAY! We even went and got groceries too so we can have a picnic! Romance!







  1. Yummy!!! The Office is one of my favourite restaurants!
    Herdner is also a beautiful wedding venue! Can’t wait to see the pictures!!