MudPuppy Twilight Trail Run Race Recap


Back from the best weekend ever. Before I start getting into the wedding fun later on this week, I decided to post my race recap from Thursday night’s trail race!

The weather was far from ideal but at least it wasn’t raining! It was quite hot and sunny, but a little on the humid side for me. I am having a lot of trouble with my allergies this summer, and Thursday was no different. After I picked up my race kit, I had to take my inhaler, allergy meds and nose spray to try and clear my congestion. It wasn’t pretty, I was literally blowing my nose at the start line!

This was my first trail race so I knew my pace would slow down, but I was hoping not by too much since the distance was short. I knew the race had a lot of downhill in the first 6k and then climbed all the way back up in a large incline over 1km, so I planned to take advantage of the downhill and anticipated a much faster pace at the beginning to make up for the inevitable loss in speed in the last bit. I was feeling great for kilometers 1-4 keeping a 5min/km pace, but as the race moved into the forest I struggled with my breathing and felt my body fizzling out. I felt thirsty and dehydrated, even though I had drank at least 3.5L of water that day. I started to get the chills, which happens to me when I am overheating/dehydrating and exhausted. I had obviously overestimated my trail-running-in-the-heat-with-brutal-allergies skills. I finished in 43:46 feeling like a BAG OF ROCKS, hah.

I met Josh at the finish line and we headed over to pick up some free food, my finisher’s medal and to see who won the raffle prizes!

As we stood around, there was a large group of people huddling around one table in particular and I wondered what the commotion was.  I walked over and realized that it was the prize table for top 3 finishers in each category. I overheard one of the volunteers mention that finish times were posted nearby, so I wandered over to take a look at mine. When I got there I realized that it was only the times of the top 3 finishers, so my time wouldn’t be listed. It was MUCH to my surprise when I saw my name in the third place spot for women 25-29! I was SO excited! I marched back over to that prize table and picked up my sweet new arm warmers!

Wee! Not bad for a near death experience.

(NOW, the next day my dreams were a little crushed when I checked online and saw that two other woman finished after me with faster chip times and that pushed me into the 5th place spot. That leaves me with 5/25 women 25-29, 25/149 women and 81/251 overall. Again, not bad for a near death experience! Still pretty excited! Afterall, I do still get to keep the prize!)

While all of this went on I was wearing a thick zip-up sweater, and was shaking like a leaf. I was freezing cold and didn’t really realize at the time I was the only cold one until someone made a comment. After the race, Josh and I had to go meet a real estate agent to see a house (possibly moving…) and while we were there I was in rough shape and excused myself from the meeting. I got Josh to feel my forehead on the way home and it became pretty clear I was running a fever. OH GOOD. When we got home I immediately got into fleece pants and jumped into bed where I chugged water, popped Advil, and ate an energy gel because I couldn’t stomach the idea of chewing.

Trying to pull it together for a post-race selfie. Fail.


I called my Mum from bed, did some whining, and fell asleep shortly after. Luckily I woke up feeling GREAT and was able to hop on the bus to head home for my sister’s wedding festivities!

SO, the moral of the story is, don’t be a big idiot like me. Run according to your health, run according to the weather, run according to your experience and check the winners list even if you think you blew it because you might just get to steal some else’s prize.

Hope you all had fantastic weekends! Wedding recaps to follow 🙂

Have you ever overdone it when you were feeling under the weather? If not, don’t do it.

What was the best post-race free food you’ve ever had? We got chicken caesar wraps on Thursday and they were pretty out of this world.





  1. Wooo! Congrats on placing fifth! Those other women don’t need to know how awesome your prize was! 😉 One time I ran the Zoo Run here and the food after the race was so bad so I left right after I finished. It was only a 5K and I didn’t push myself so I didn’t think I would place. I didn’t stay for the award ceremony and just went elsewhere to get food. The next week I get an email telling me I placed third (for my age category) and I had to go pick up a HUGE medal from some random office. I was so excited but kinda bummed that I didn’t stay for the award ceremony. It probably would have been my first and only time to stand on some sort of stage or podium 🙁

    Hope you’re feeling better!!