Shed Market Finds!

We are finally back from the cottage and I have fully functioning internet! Hooray! I got some sweet hill training in up there, but decided to lay off the strength training in prep for my trail race. Josh even rode his bike alongside me while I ran, which made me feel super legit, and a bit like I’m heading for Rio in 2016. Which I am. Obviously.

So every summer at Josh’s cottage there is something called the ‘Shed Market’ every Saturday.  It is basically a giant garage sale where the proceeds go to the local churches and I get sweet vintage items for close to nothing.  My favourite belt of all time came from the Shed Market for a whopping 25 cents. I also got a vintage Dooney and Bourke purse once for $1. Yup. True stories.

Each shed is a department like clothing, kitchenware, furniture, etc

Josh (far right) in the book section, obvs.


This weekend was the final day of the sale until next summer so it was a bit picked over, but I did grab a couple things.

This awesome spacesuit.

This classic book.


Hahah, kidding.  I only took pictures home of those things instead. Here are my real finds!

Not bad for $1.25!  I also made Lemon the happiest dog in the world when I got her four new stuffed animals. For a whopping $1, total. See why it’s the best place ever?

The weather wasn’t great the entire time and I did have to do a fair bit of work but we did manage to squeeze in some of this:

Two best friends.


It really feels like summer is wrapping up, tear. At least we have lots of these pretty things to look forward to!

We ran a couple errands when we got home tonight, I picked up a clutch for the wedding and a bunch of makeup I needed…okay wanted, at Sephora. Only a couple things left to do before I head home for my sister’s big day! Oh yes, one being my first TRAIL RACE. TOMORROW. I’m a little nervous but also pretty excited. The weather doesn’t look too great, but a little rain never hurt anyone (Right?) I hope to do a race recap tomorrow night or Friday morning!

What was your favourite garage sale or thrift store find?

Have you ever run a trail race?








  1. Amazing finds! I absolutely love community sales like that, although I am usually looking for shabby-chic furniture options! I must say, though, I really can’t understand why you would leave such a beautiful spacesuit behind…you might regret that down the road…really…

    Good luck today!!


  2. What cute finds! Good luck on your trail race today hunnie, I’m sure you’ll do wonderful xox

  3. OH LA LA! This sale seems amazing!

    Also you weekend looks perfect! Yay for cottage weekends all around!

    PS I love that picture of lemon and Josh taking in the sights! SO CUTE!

    • I know cottage weekends are the best! Looks like you had an awesome one recently too!

      Hah they’re okay, I guess! Lemon loves it there!


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