Bits & Bites

Hi guys!

I’ve been pretty busy lately doing I don’t even know what, so here is a little summary of the end of my week:

I ate some food.

I burned some cals.

I drank some pretty water.

I won this sweet bracelet from Fit Girl Daily and Tina Steinberg Designs!!!!!! (I’ve been dying for one of Tina’s handmade bracelets or necklaces with this saying on it, so this little bracelet should tie me over for now).

and I went to a wedding with my fam.

Rocking my super hot VFF tan lines. I really need to do something about this before next weekend…

This week is going to be pretty exciting too! Josh and I are heading up to his cottage as I write this and we are staying until Wednesday! I will have to do a bit of work from there but no big deal! Thursday night I am running my first trail race and then Friday morning I am heading home to my parents’ house for manicures/pedicures with my sisters because on SATURDAY my big sister is getting married!! CRAY.

I’ve been 100% on track with my training (other than the fact that my pace is way behind where it was in May…I don’t want to talk about it) but this week I am going be thrown off with my plan because of the cottage/wedding. I still plan to get my runs in at the cottage but strength training will be much more difficult without equipment. We’ll see how I make out!

What are you doing with the remaining summer days?





  1. Such exciting things going on in your life! Great job on the miles this past week girl, and good luck @ your trail race! Have the most amazing upcoming week hunnie xo