I Need Your Grocery Ideas (+ SportSuds Giveaway Winners!)

Oh hayyyy.

FIRST off, random question.  My Mum is going to Florida in a couple weeks and offered to pick up whatever I want from the wonderful US grocery stores.  What should I get?  I already know I want chocolate Love Grown granola and COOKIE BUTTER.  What else do you guys suggest? Thanks friends!



Now let’s get to the point. My trusty little WordPress contest plug-in has generated the 3 winners of the SportSuds giveaway! Ahem…

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I personally loved Biscuit’s comment about wanting to stop smelling like Febreeze/butt. Classic smelly people problems.  Please send me an e-mail using the contact tab up top or send it along to danielle[at]workitweariteatit[dot]com with your mailing address. I will then send you a skill-testing math question straight out of Josh’s actuary textbooks.  Hah, kidding. But I may start spamming you with Lemon pictures because now I have your e-mail addresses…

Congratulations ladies on removing some stank from your life!

Thank you to everyone who entered! For those of you who entered but didn’t win, you can visit SportSuds.com or SportSuds.ca and request a sample!







  1. You can get Love Grown here now!! I have purchased it at Loblaws 🙂
    You need to ask her to get you Larabars from there. We don’t have all the flavours here and there are a few really good ones out there: Cappuccino, Chocolate Chip Cherry Torte, and Ginger Snap (tastes like gingerbread!). They are mighty tasty!

    • I know, but you can’t get the chocolate flavour in Canada! Which is obviously the most important flavour! GREAT CALL on the Larabars!! Thanks!!

  2. Hmm I usually grab Think Thin bars, Justin’s peanut butter cups and nut butter, sunflower butter and raw almond butter from Trader Joe’s and their dark chocolate!

  3. All I know is I need that cookie butter…. YUM!

  4. I definitely agree that you have to get some Justin’s Nut Butter. The almond vanilla is to die for!