A Mini Vacation!

Josh and I spent the weekend with his family at Blue Mountain Resort in Collingwood. We spent the weekend eating, drinking and relaxing! We had SO much fun. Prepare to OD on pictures.

Friday night we went for dinner at Copper Blue, a restaurant in the village. It was delicious!

Pina Coladtini. Delightful.

The fam (minus Madison!).

Beet & Goat Cheese Salad


I was unaware before arriving at the resort that is has a BEAVERTAILS location. Oh my word.

I would do cardio all day if it would make eating these for every meal acceptable.


If you don’t live in Eastern Canada and haven’t experienced this delight, I really feel for you.  It is basically a ball of dough stretched out into the shape of a beaver’s tail, deep fried and then coated in cinnamon in sugar.  #sorrynotsorry.

Saturday morning the boys headed out to go play golf and the girls hit the pool for some relaxation before our big, busy, gruelling day……at the spa. We all had massages, manicures and pedicures. Hard life.

Madison and I pre-pedis, post-massage!

hard work laying on these beds for hours.


Post-spa/golf everyone was STARVED so we went to the village Greek restaurant called Tholos. I ordered the chicken souvlaki dinner with lemon potatoes and veggies (peppers, beans, fennel). So tasty!

not my salad but so pretty and delicious.


Sunday morning, Josh, his parents, and I got up early and headed for a hike up Blue Mountain. Pretty steep hill they’ve got there..hah. It was nice to do something active after all of the eating/lounging! After a good hour or so of hiking we headed back to lay by the pool before packing up to head home!

SIGH. Back to real life. Such a wonderful mini-vacation!  It is nice to have this crazy dog back though.

Now, go enter my giveaway because I can smell you from here. You have until midnight EST on Tuesday!


Have you ever been for a relaxing spa weekend?

more importantly

Have you ever had a BEAVERTAIL?


Happy Monday!





  1. All these eats and drinks look delicious! So glad you had a great vacation! 🙂

  2. Love mini-vacations like this. Sounds like y’all had such a fun time :)… oh & your bathing suit (from what I can see obv) looks adorable.

  3. YAY VACA! Looks awesome! And I am totally jealous of that beaver tale!

  4. Grew up east of Toronto. Remember the first time I had a Beavertail at Winterlude – everyone’s faces watching to see my reaction – almost like a rite of passage. So tasty…sinfully delicious really. Darn. Now I want one…

    • Hahah good thing they are hard to get or I would be in trouble! (Sounds like you would too…hahah)

  5. WHY IS YOUR HAIR SO PRETTY?? (first pic with Josh’s fam)

    just saying, it makes me mad/jelly.

    • HAHA aw thanks! The secret is to dye your hair from a $10 box and then grow out your roots for an unacceptable number of months….