A Weekend of Birthdays

This weekend was full of celebrations for Josh’s birthday! It was full of indulgence but was so fun (and delicious).

Friday night Josh started out with a work party and I stayed home with a delightful veggie burger from Thrive and hit the hay pretty early. Josh sauntered in somewhere around 3am and I got up a few short hours later for my 16km long run. It went pretty well but my shin splints are pretty mad these days, so post-run I made sure to foam roll, stretch it out and hop into another ice bath for 15 minutes.

Later in the afternoon, a whole bunch of our friends came over to celebrate Josh’s birthday. There was a lot consumption of things such as wine, brie, steak, salad, pop chips, taco dip….you get it. I appeared to be 7 months pregnant within a couple of hours. #sorrynotsorry.

The next morning (Josh’s actual birthday) a few people hit the road and the rest of us hit up a local restaurant for a greasy breakfast. They even sang to Josh and brought him cake!

The rest of the morning/afternoon Josh and I laid around like a couple of beached whales before heading to my parents’ house for WING NIGHT. My twin sisters’ birthday is this Wednesday so we had a joint celebration with my family and Josh’s family to celebrate all of their births. My Dad just so happens to make the best chicken wings on the planet and I LOVVVE chicken wings. He only makes them once a year in the summer, so I only eat them once a year. I usually eat enough of them to last me the entire year though. You think I’m kidding. This year I limited myself, and I still ate 20. Yup. I might be small but I sure can eat, hah.

and i wasn’t even full. #dontjudge #sorrynotsorry #pleasedontunsubscribe


My sister’s fiancé  smashed his wing night PR (of 32?) with a whopping 35 wings! Mind you he is like 6’100″ and 12lbs so he can afford it, haha. Just kidding Alex, you’re not that lanky, haha.

Here is his highly organized plate post damage:

After that we obviously had room for birthday cake, because that is a separate stomach, and then I rolled into a food coma which I have yet to come out of.

Josh’s family and I went in together on his present and got him an iPad! Josh is notorious for returning most gifts he receives (even when it is the exact item he asked for, he’s just indecisive) so it was pretty fun to see how excited he was and to see he actually kept it! Well, we originally got him a 32G one and he exchanged to upgrade to 64G, but the important thing is he still has an iPad and it is out of the package 🙂

I sent this to his Mum to prove it, hah.


Going to the gym yesterday felt similar to what I think climbing Mt. Everest would feel like. I was pretty sure I was going to toss my cookies on my way over there but I powered through a chest/tri workout and hammered out an 8km run in the heat. Then I went home and passed out. Allergies are taking a serious toll on me right now, anyone else? They are draining my body of it’s will to live! That and the grease from the weekend, hah.

ANYWAY, now I only look like I am 3 months pregnant instead of 7 so we are making progress. By Friday I hope to be back to 0, hah.


Do you have a favourite once a year meal?


Hope your week is off to a great (and clean!) start!





  1. Happy Birthday, Josh!!!
    You have a TWIN?!?! How cool!!!
    Way to indulge! I have been doing the same since Tough Mudder. I have seriously had the appetite of a grizzly bear. I can’t even explain it. At least we are preggo partners.
    My favourite once a year meal has got to be rice balls. I don’t know if you’ve ever tried them. They are an Italian thing and basically are balls of rice and cheese that are breaded and deep fried. My grandmother makes them and they are to DIE FOR. I usually only get them on my birthday because they take a long time to make and she’s like 85 years old. My birthday is in a week and a half so I’m really hoping for some! I don’t even want gifts! Just a mountain of rice balls and I’ll be thrilled!

    • Hah, noo, my younger sisters are twins! I am not one of them! haha!
      and OMG are those like the cheesy deep fried risotto balls I once had at Oliver and Bonacini? (I say that like it will conjure my own memory to your head…). ANYWAY, amazing. Noms. Good special meal choice, hah.

  2. Love weekends like this.. family, friends, and good food 🙂 Happy Birthday to Josh & your sisters!