Make Someone’s Day

Hi friends!

I wasn’t feeling so hot last night, I was pretty much couch ridden and not down with the blogging situation, sorry! This morning I hit up the gym for my last circuit training session of the week and a quick 5km easy run. I was pretty excited to bust out my new FitFluential tank, fresh out of yesterday’s mail!

SEE how my sweat made the word #PROOF appear? Amazing.

At some point during my workout, I wandered over to the little stage area (for the fitness instructors) to start busting out my box jumps, when a woman appeared out of no where and totally startled me. I recognized her from around the gym and carried on with my workout. As she walked by, I was caught totally off guard again when she absolutely made my day with the simplest of compliments, “I admire your fitness level,” she said, smiling.

“THANK YOU!” I said, smiling right back.

I realized then that this type of compliment is absolutely the best kind to receive. It was recognition for my very own hard work, no one elses, not something I bought, or inherited. Something I wanted, something I work for, something I am proud of.

So many of us spend so much time at the gym, often seeing the same people, often never speaking a word. As I ran on the treadmill today, blasting my iPod, I thought about how much more fun it would be if the three people beside me were my friends and we were having a giant treadmill DANCE party, blasting the music over the speakers instead of into little ear buds. SO WHY NOT?

Okay so maybe my dream of a treadmill-hopping dance party won’t come true any time soon, but why aren’t people more friendly like that woman? Now, I’m not asking for a bunch of compliments here, haha, but why don’t more people smile?

I recently moved to my current city and people are a bit different. Whenever I go running or biking, I say hello or good morning or good afternoon and smile at absolutely everyone I see. I would say that 7/10 times I get no reaction at all. I’m used to having a better response rate in other cities! So why do I keep doing it? Because I know that when I’m out for a run or having a bad day, something as simple as a hello from a stranger can give me an energy boost no gel can provide. I hope that 3/10 times I can do that for someone too!

One day I was working out and I had noticed that this one woman in particular looked like she had already lost some weight. I saw her go for her initial gym tour, so I knew she had only been a member for 3-4 weeks. I saw her busting her butt everyday, and I knew she would probably like to hear that someone had noticed (hell, I know I would). I had smiled at her before, never with a response of any sort, but oh well. So I marched right up to her treadmill and I said “Hi! I just wanted say that I see you working really hard here everyday and your hard work is already showing.” She said thank you, and off I went. Every single time I saw her after that, she smiled and said hello.

So, my point? Next time you notice that someone you know (or see often) has lost weight, or looks stronger, or happier or healthier, tell them.  You won’t only make their day, but you might just make your own. When you know what it feels like to receive such compliments, why wouldn’t you want to do that for someone else whenever you could? Living a healthy life is not easy, for many reasons, one of them being the constant criticism it brings with it. So if you know how hard it is, you can easily make it simpler for someone just by acknowledging their effort, and letting them know you’ve noticed.

If everyone would start doing this, maybe one day I will get my treadmill-hopping dance party 🙂


What’s one of the best compliments you have ever received?


Happy Friday! 🙂








  1. This is so nice 🙂 It really does make such an impact for me as well. I had a personal trainer come up to me and ask me what sport I was training for because I looked really fit and like I was training for something specific. I was like “Nope! Just working out!” It made my day though. Another woman at my gym told me my shoulders and lats were looking so strong in comparison to when I first joined the gym(apparently she has been watching me for months). It has been instant smiley town ever since they came up to me. I love talking to people and making friends! I wish we could work out together and have a dance party 🙂

    • See! Don’t you wish everyone could be instant smiley town? I love it! Oh I’m sure we would have one mean dance party! We should arrange for this. Bring that bicycle thing you used and we will throw a boombox in the wagon like it’s ’96.

  2. I think it’s so awesome that you put this out there. I grew up in a small town, where not only was everyone familiar, but they actually seemed to LIKE each other. I have been in the city for almost 5 years now, and less than the people who give you no response when you smile/say hi, the ones that surprise me the MOST are the ones who look like you’ve done something wrong – i.e., get the “I don’t know you – why are you smiling at me” look. That being said, I think your approach sounds awesome, and those 3/10 people are totally worth getting shut down the other 7/10 times!! p.s. – LOVE your new shirt!

    • HAHA, I know the exact look you mean! Sometimes people even look over their shoulders too see if you’re talking to someone behind them! So funny. I am also convinced that the other 7/10 secretly love it too. Living in denial makes it easier to keep putting myself out there, hah!

  3. I absolutely love this, and whole-heartedly agree. I love these random acts of kindness, and there’s nothing like receiving a compliment about your effort and hard work from a stranger, unless it’s giving one, because that’s pretty awesome too! I think my problem is I smile too much…. ha ha. Great post, Dani!

  4. <3 YES!! I totally agree about compliments. I made it my goal one year to always TELL people the nice things I think about them. I'd notice I'd see someone and think "cute shoes", or whatever, but not SAY IT, which is ridiculous when we know how often people feel shitty about themselves. Why not spread the love?

    So happy for the compliments you both gave and received! 🙂