Training and Toys!

Training is in full swing and I am finally following my schedule to a T. I’m into a rhythm of waking up, hammering out my workouts and getting on with my day! It’s awesome.

After Friday’s leg day, walking up and down stairs was an extreme challenge, but I managed to get my weekend runs in. My Sunday run was actually pretty wonderful, let me tell you about it!

Lately I have been far to preoccupied with the pace window on my Garmin, and I am not listening to my body (or training plan) at all. I know if you want to run faster, you have to run faster, but sometimes runs should just be enjoyed! I saved my Sunday long run (well, medium run) of 14km for the evening after the Olympic closing ceremonies. I decided that I would run at a comfortable pace, forget my speed and just enjoy it. I went with the flow, I snacked on some shot blocks, drank lots of water and only looked at my Garmin twice! I checked my distance after the first loop and when I got back home. Turns out, I ran at a totally respectable pace for a long run and more importantly, I enjoyed it. It’s always nice to have a reminder of why you love to run in the first place.

As easy as I took it, after the run I was feeling pretty run-down so I decided to suck it up and go for an ice bath. Fifteen minutes of torture is totally worth saving myself from an extra day of recovery! I think these are going to be a regular part of my training this time around. I’m trying to foam roll often, but I think I need to foam roll longer. My shin splints aren’t getting worse, but they aren’t improving either, so I may as well give it another 5 minutes or so per session.

This morning I finally woke up with legs that functioned normally, which was just in time for another leg day. Ouch. Hah, I love it.

Now onto my poor feet. I knew my Vibram FiveFingers were pretty worn down, but when I checked them out the other day I realized I actually have full out holes on toe #4 on each shoe!

They are also giving me some pretty mean blisters on the insides of my feet, worse than ever. I think it is because the seams are coming loose on the inside, that seems to be what is irritating the area. I was going to show you a picture of the damage on my feet, but I will spare you 🙂

I’m pretty excited for a new pair, I think I will try out the SeeYa this time, as opposed to my current model, the Bikila.

Some other exciting running news– I will be running another half marathon in Hamilton on November 4th! This is just 3 weeks after the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half. My boss is also a runner, and we have a big event the week after the race, so she thought it would be a fun way to get us pumped up to put on a great event! Works for me 🙂

Last night, Josh and I decided (for whatever reason) to buy Lemon a bunch of toys. One weird looking squeaky rabbit thing, 4 mini pink tennis balls and one bag of treats later, she was the happiest dog on the planet.

This kept her busy for approximately 12 seconds; up until the moment when she had destroyed the rabbits squeaker and cracked all 4 tennis balls in half. Typical.

Now I may or may not be off to make some more of those PB cookies… 


Do you ever run without your Garmin?

When do you decide it’s time for new running shoes?





  1. I don’t even run with my garmin. I usually map out my run, and how go from there. I know if I ran with it, my focus would be on “what mile am i on.. what’s my pace like”. I’d rather just enjoy what the run has to offer.

    This may sound ridiculous, but my right knee always starts to hurt more when it’s time for a new pair. I usually buy them every 400 miles or so.

    -Great 4 miles girl too btw. We have the same problem with our dog, we’ll buy her new toys & sure enough they never seem to last more than a day or two haha.

    • That knee thing used to ALWAYS happen to me! It turned out to be a hamstring problem though, it just felt like my knee. I switched to Vibram FiveFingers and that hasn’t happened since 🙂

  2. Cool! I did the Road to Hope last year and it was a great race! I’m doing it again this year too!

    • Oh awesome! I hear it is super fast! I did the 10k last year with my Dad and sister but it was on a paved trail rather than actual Hamilton roads. Looking forward to checking out the half this time!


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