Fun Things Friday!

Not too shabby of a Friday so far!

Some fun things:

1. Leg day. Okay I lie, this wasn’t fun at all. I legit for the second day in a row, felt like I was going to toss my cookies while lifting. This has never happened to me! James Wilson is a crazy, crazy man.

2. My post-workout recovery shake from Thrive Juice Bar! I know I talk about this place all the time, but it is so good!  It’s based on the Thrive Diet— coined by Ironman Triathlete Brendan Brazier. It is a vegan/vegetarian restaurant and they use all of Brendan’s vegan sports products– the Vega brand, which I’m sure many of you know! I picked up my fave, the Performance Protein refuel shake in chocolate flavour.

3. The walk home in the rain. Kinda fun.

4. THE SURPRISE IN MY MAILBOX AFTER THE WALK IN THE RAIN! Thanks to the Eat Clean Diet team and the awesome contest with Christina, The Athletarian!

5. Maxi skirt. It’s been too hot to wear this skirt, until now! The rain also called for a hair up situation.

No I am not sticking my butt out, it just does that…


6. Today I had a hair consult! If you haven’t noticed, my hair is both blonde and brown. It’s “ombré,” in fact (fades from brown to blonde at the ends). I like it this way because it is more natural feeling, more suitable for my skin tone, low maintenance and the best of both the blonde and the brunette worlds. The problem? I usually wear extensions for special occasions, and I usually do them myself no problem, but now my hair is 3984293 colours so I had to call in the professionals. My sister’s wedding is in less than a month! They don’t seem all that convinced they can do it… stay tuned. All I want is hair like Katrina from Tone It Up! Just for a day!

7. The Olympics! It will probably be good when they’re over because I use them as an excuse to do nothing CONSTANTLY. “No I can’t do the dishes, this only happens once every 4 years.” “No I can’t go to the gym, this only happens once every 4 years.” “No I can’t take a shower, this only happens once every 4 years.”  Not only that, I insist on re-watching all the footage at night, too, even after I have already seen it live. Problems. I’m so excited for the events this weekend. You better believe I’m waking up at 6am on Sunday morning to watch the mens’ marathon. Can’t wait to watch the boys from Speed River! (Guelph, wee!)


Now I am off to take my MacBook to the Apple doctors (charging issues). Thank goodness it is still under warranty!


Happy Friday!




  1. Hey! Just wanted to tell you I love your blog! I just found it, and have to say that i look forward to each post! And also the fact that your Canadian as well! haha 🙂 (I’m from Vancouver)

    Did you just start the live fit trainer? How are you liking it? I have been hesitant to start it, maybe you will be the push i need to jump on that bandwagon!

    Happy Friday girl!!

    • Vanessa! What a lovely comment!

      I was in Vancouver this past May and I LOVED it! Hope to be back next summer, too!

      Right now I am doing the James Wilson Body Earned program in combination with half marathon training, but I DID complete LiveFit back in March. I absolutely LOVED it and definitely recommend it, especially if you are new to lifting. I’m happy to help you along if you want!

      Happy Friday to you too! 🙂

  2. haha LOVE! I am also addicted to the Olympics! So bad for procrastinating!

    Also I think your hair is going to look SUPER cute! Can’t wait to see!

  3. Oh I love your maxi skirt and workout top.. so adorable <3

  4. I LOVE YOUR MAXI SKIRT!!! it looks great on you and high waisted to boot 🙂 YAY

    I have two-toned hair as well….I’m growing highlights out but people always compliment me on it ;P so weird.

    PS: Glad your yellow shirt got those sweat stains out 🙂 looking good

  5. I need to try that shake! Where is Thrive, Kitch. or Waterloo? YUM!

    • Waterloo! Bauer plaza, across from The Bauer Kitchen. #noms. We should run around like idiots some day soon and then go 🙂