Bachelorette Bonanza!

I realize it is Thursday and I am just doing my weekend recap….

Long weekends will do that to you.

You know when you need a weekend of doing nothing to recover from your weekend of doing nothing? Yeah, it was like that.

Friday afternoon I met up with all my sisters at my parents house so we could pack up the cars for Jess’ (big sister’s) long weekend bachelorette party in Bobcaygeon!

11 girls, 3 dogs, lots of beverages and a million flotation devices makes for a good time.

The fist day we had amazing weather and we did a lot of this:

That would be the bride in the orange donut haha

Lemon hiding under her Aunties haha


The sun set,

Let me tell you– this pink sky at night did NOT equate to sailor’s delight.


Some of us became expert bartenders…

And we had some cozy fires!

On Sunday, it rained all day. So we took the party inside.  Here’s the bride, keeping it classy indoors. HAH.

Yes, that’s a lawn chair.


Now, the dogs:

My sister’s kindly packed a new bikini for Lemon…haha poor thing.
Lemon and her Aunt Natties

Running buddy! This dog won’t quit– if you need someone to test your endurance– call Willow! hah

Mia being cute and beautiful as per usual.


Unfortunately I failed to take pictures of food, but we ate some delicious things including eat-clean protein pancakes, roasted red pepper burgers and Jamie Eason’s zucchini burgers!  I also made a new citrusy quinoa salad that was pretty delicious, if I do say so myself. I am going to recreate and post it soon! We also ate far too many two-bite brownies and sour keys, but that’s fine. We have another month to fit back into our dresses! Actualy, good thing the bridesmaid dress is one size fits all…haha! Just kidding. Well it IS one size fits all…but you get it.


What fun bachelorette activities have you done?


Happy Thursday!








  1. Sounds like such a fun & relaxing Bachelorette weekend!