Happy August!

Summer, I wish you would stick around forever!

One thing that I have noticed is that Mother Nature hasn’t wasted any time on the allergy front. July 30th came around and she was like BLAM, ragweed season. I went from being totally fine without any of my meds to waking up daily with a very raw throat and stuffy nose. Pill-popping, nose-spraying, eye-dropping and inhaler-inhaling..? have commenced! I deal with (TMI) major mucus throat while running during these months, so I have to make an extra effort to stay compliant with my meds and get up and on the road as early as possible. When I don’t, I mega-struggle.

Moving on to more important things.

I mentioned on Monday that I had taken a trip to Lululemon, so here are the new purchases!

Run: Sun Sprinter Crop


These are my first pair of coloured Lulu crops! I started small (with the navy blue), but maybe one day I will brave the super bright colours! I originally went with the intention of picking up some shorts, but I came to the conclusion that I don’t really enjoy the way running shorts look on me, so I went with these crops instead. They are specifically built for running in the sun!

I also picked up this super cute tank top that I had been eyeing for a while. It was the last one in this colour and it was my size! We all know this meant it was fate and I had no choice but to buy it. Turns out, I think I was wrong…

Optimal Tank in Ray


I wore this tank yesterday for my run and I totally loved it. I picked it up this morning after hanging it up to dry last night post-run, only to find the sweat stains remained! Isn’t that weird? My sweat totally discoloured the fabric.

See? Right under the boob line?


I took lots of pictures to send to Lululemon in case it doesn’t wash out, but I REALLY hope it does because I loved this tank, especially in this specific colour! First world problems, I know.

I finally finished tweaking my training schedule up until the half marathon. This week and last week have been a bit out of whack (training wise) due to visitors and trips out of town, but next week I should be right on track. I tried to predict any conflicts with my training/events and plan accordingly. The basis of the running portion is from a Runner’s World Smart Coach plan (though I hear they aren’t all that smart…), and I tweaked it according to my experience and my comfort level. I increased my mileage a bit faster, and added a fourth running day. My plan also includes strength training workouts from James Wilson. The last three weeks of my plan are also a bit different– for those 3 weeks leading up to my race, I revert back from a 4-day split to 4 days of full body training. These workouts aren’t as intense, they are higher in reps, and 2/4 of the weekly workouts are single-joint (small muscle groups) only, so they are pretty laid back (in comparison to the others anyway!). I do those workouts for 2 weeks and then the final week before race day, I won’t be doing any strength training at all, to allow for muscle repair. I think I really benefited from this while training for Vancouver.

I’m going to continue to make sure I am eating enough and drinking enough water. I also plan to foam roll after EVERY RUN. Someone hold me to that….

Click the calendars to enlarge!

Please remember that I designed this plan myself, for myself. It is based on my ability and experience, and I do not necessarily recommend it for you, too. I am however, happy to help others with their training plans, too!  Just send me an e-mail if you want some assistance.

Well! There you have it. Wish me luck!


Have you ever had any trouble with your Lululemon?

I have once before! The colours leaked into each other (just from sweat!) and I had to return the shirt, tear.

Are you training hard for any big events this Fall?






  1. I’ve never owned anything from lulu *GASP!* I know….I just can’t justify the price tag. EVER.

    I can see the sweat marks and that is WEIRD! I hope it comes out. Nice plan! I’m excited for you 🙂

  2. I’m dying to spend all my money in lululemon. I won’t allow myself though! I’m also dying to get James Wilson’s program! Not sure if I should or not

  3. Sadly, I’ve never purchased anything from Lululemon. I just can’t talk myself into spending the $$$. That top is too cute, so I hope the sweat stains come out! I would be kinda aggravated by it. Aesome training plan girl. I hope it works out great for you 🙂

    • They came out! Hooray! Good thing because it’s my new favourite shirt! I always ask for Lululemon gift cards for my birthday and whatnot to lighten the load on my bank account! hah!

  4. I am so deprived…I have no LuLu stuff…I love it, just don’t want to order it online since I don’t know how it fits…(pity me), how are you liking the Body Earned program….I’m going to start this weekend, I think.

    • Oh it’s probably a good thing you aren’t near one! Hah! I think I saw you started Body Earned right? How are you liking it? I LOVE the workouts! I am always drenched after!

  5. I totally have the bad allergy thing going on right now as well! Not the most fun ever.
    Love the new lulu purchases. That’s really weird about the discolouration though. Maybe if you contact the company they’d give you a knew one?
    I really want to try out James Wilson’s program! Let me know how you like it, I’ve heard great things so far.

    • The stains washed out! Yay! I would definitely recommend James’ program, the workouts are crazy!

  6. Oh, no! I just found a Lululemon store near me, but was will-powering myself from going in. Now I’ll have to go!


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