STWM Half Marathon Training!

And we’re off!

Foam roller equipped and in pursuit of another PR!

Training for Vancouver in May, I learned how crucial a role strength training plays in my running performance. I hope to hit this round of training just as hard for another awesome race. I’m actually getting started in my training a little later than I intended for one main reason– I kept toying with the idea of a full marathon.

Last summer, I registered for the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon and did much of the training– all the way up to the final 32km long run. By that point, running had lost it’s beauty. I wasn’t enjoying myself, I was resenting my runs for the time they took from my friends and family and for the toll they took on my body in the hours to follow. The thought of the marathon filled me with dread, but the thought of a half filled me with excitement again! I knew what to do– I went down to the race expo the day before the race and moved myself down to the half marathon. And just like that, I loved to run again.

I promised myself that I wouldn’t go through the training again unless I really felt that urge. I’m not going to run a marathon because someone else did, I’m not going to run a marathon because it’s the next thing I “should” do, I’m going to run a marathon when and if I feel like I am ready and as though I will love the journey. At the beginning of the summer I was asked a few times if I would be running a full this year– my response was always the same “no, I have no desire at the moment, but maybe one day.” Well my friends, times have already changed, and I want it. I want the marathon! But my body isn’t ready. With the addition of strength training to my schedules, I know that I could conquer the marathon at a level that I never would have been able to last year, but I also know that it would be irresponsible. Coming back from a foot injury, building up my barefoot distance (VFFs), going into training with shin problems, and having only 12 weeks…will not make for ideal training conditions. My doctor told me had I not taken time off when I did, I would have been in a cast. I don’t want that! There will always be another marathon! So I will happily train for the half marathon (with a mildly heavy heart), and be back in pursuit of the full marathon next year. If all goes unbelievably well and I am feeling great, perhaps a late Fall full could be in my future– but I won’t be banking on that. For now, my best half marathon ever, I’M COMING FOR YOU!

I haven’t posted my training schedule yet as I am trying to finalize a couple things with James Wilson, but the ball is rolling and the next 12 weeks are for the most part, mapped out. I am so excited!

Official training day 1 (yesterday!):

I also made these delightful pancakes yesterday. They are sooo good.  They originate from the Eat Clean Diet Cookbook but I stole the recipe from Christina, hah.

I used whole wheat pastry flour for my flour, xylitol in place of maple flakes and plain, fat free Greek yogurt in place of regular plain yogurt. They are so good I would never even feel the need to eat a “real” pancake again!

Check these stats! Per pancake (I made 10):

Make them! Do it!


Have you ever wanted to push yourself further than you knew was responsible?

Do you ever eat breakfast for dinner? 





  1. I love that you are listening to your body, and what you feel is best. So many people will run marathons for others instead of themselves. Can’t wait to follow your half marathon training with you. Good luck 🙂

  2. YAY!! AMAZING! I am doing the full (my first eek!) but I will see you there! We can so do this!

  3. WAHOO!! I agree, you have to be 100% ready or training for a marathon just isn’t fun. I think I’m buying Gemma’s bib so we will definitely be seeing each other there! Fresh date post-race?! So happy you liked the pancakes. They’re one of my faves! 🙂


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