Fresh Eats!

Let’s have a food fest!

Josh and I tried out this local Mexican place yesterday and it was freaking amazing. All morning I was asking Josh if it was “Guac O’Clock” yet. At least I amuse myself. ANYWAY, they had the BEST GUACAMOLE. Okay I basically say that about every guacamole that isn’t store bought, but that’s fine.  I ordered the “Naked Chicken Burrito” aka. a burrito sans the tortilla. It’s just all that burrito goodness on a bed of lettuce. SO it went like this: lettuce, lime chicken, black beans, refried beans, corn, fresh salsa, guacamole, a bit of shredded cheese, a bit of rice, red onion, green onion, green peppers and cilantro. OH MY WORD. It was so delicious and filling. You also had the option of a side of nachos and guac which Josh ordered with his football-sized burrito.

In addition to these fresh eats, I also noticed that our own fresh apples are in full force! They aren’t great for eating straight up but they are good for baking (i.e. homemade applesauce, what up). As soon as they turn red it’s GO TIME!

Lastly, continuing with my food excitement, today I was in a food picture taking mood so here are a few of my meals before I was over it.

egg-white protein pancake with berries and sugar-free maple syrup, chicken-avocado sandwich on ezekiel bread with raw red peppers and a PWO protein shake with a piece of ezekiel and natural pb.


I know fats post-workout are a bad idea because they slow the absorption of the carbs and protein that my bod so badly needs but I REALLY WANTED IT. And besides, I drank the shake first anyway. That counts right…?

Tomorrow we are going to do our usual Farmer’s Market run which is super exciting because we haven’t been able to make it over the past few weekends. I’m going to try and buy something I don’t usually buy and try a new recipe with it. Hmm, hope I find some good stuff!


What is your favourite thing to buy at the farmer’s market?


Happy Weekend!







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