Love-Hate the Sun

So, yesterday I was convinced that it “wasn’t that hot” out because there had been a thunderstorm the night previous and I thought the heat had broken. When I woke up, my trusty iPhone said it was only 23ºC outside as opposed to the usual 28ºC. For whatever reason, I dilly-dallied doing some work for a couple hours before I headed to the track for my workout. I took my CamelBak (1.5L water), a resistance band and my gloves and off I went, running the 2k to the track. My workout was awesome, but I had to cut it short to 2 rounds instead of my usual 3, due to the heat.

Warm up: run to track (2k)

  • 2 laps (non-sprint due to heat)
  • 12 decline pushups
  • 12 incline pushups
  • 20 bench step ups
  • 12 triceps dips
  • 12 “cable rows” (I held on to the chains of a swing lying underneath it and pulled myself up 12 times)
  • 24 seated cable rows (resistance band around tree)
  • 16 bicep curls (per arm using resistance band)
  • 16 overhead triceps extensions (per tricep using resistance band)
  • 24 slide jumps (standing at base of slide, put a hand on each side and jump side to side over base of slide as quickly as possible)
  • Rest 2-3 minutes

Repeat for a total of 2 rounds or 3 rounds if it’s not so hot!

I ran about halfway home from the track before realizing I was overdoing it so I walked the rest of the way and finished off my water. When I got home I felt fine at first, I had my recovery shake right away and waited to cool down before taking a shower.

…so I burned a few calories..


We don’t have air conditioning, so our house was sitting at a nice 27ºC, but it really doesn’t feel that hot with the ceiling fan. ANYWAY, within a few minutes I started to feel really weird. I had major headache onset, my body was achy and I was FREEZING. Freezing as in I was wearing flannel PJs, under 3 layers of blankets and still shaking cold. In my 27 degree house. Soooo, needless to say, I think there was some dehydration/sun effects going on.  I chugged lots of water and took some Advil and tried to take a little nap. I really had no intentions of getting out of bed for the rest of the day.

AND THEN, Josh texted me with some last minute plans. We just had to go to the Keg for his Dad’s birthday. Oh poor me! Hah, I kid. I freaking love The Keg. Thank goodness the Advil seemed to clear my chills (but not my headache) so I could at least function like a normal person. I laid down for another half hour or so, called my Mum and whined, and then I pulled myself together and off we went.

FYI, shorts not a skirt! I’m so over skirts this year for some reason.


I had my usual, pecan and goat cheese topped sirloin. Oh goodness, love at first bite.

That right there is a good reason I will never go vegetarian.


After dinner we went to visit my Mum and Dad because we happened to go to a Keg location near their place (halfway between where Josh’s parents live and where we live). My Mum bought me the most hilarious blouse…keep an eye out for that one really soon.

ANYWAY, moral of the story is don’t be an idiot in the heat, and if you do it anyway, The Keg will cure you.


Have you ever overdone it in the heat?

What precautions do you take to stay safe working out outside in the summer?





  1. Aren’t you addicted to high-waisted shorts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t even untuck my shirts anymore 🙂 lol – I feel like my rectangle shape just looks so much curvier with high waisted shorts defining my waist! I have definitely over done it in the heat. It’s a mind game for sure. Your brain thinks – but normally I CAN do this but your body is saying – HEY give me a break, it’s different weather conditions 😉

    • Danielle says:

      Hahaha I am! I haven’t worn shorts or skirts that aren’t high waisted for a good 4 years now. Nothing is as flattering!!

  2. Oh ya know, just a few calories… hahaha love it !! 😀 Can I have your outfit?

  3. Wowza calorie torching workout! Sounds like a fun one!
    Your high waisted shorts are the cutest. Love them!
    And I’ve totally overdone it in the heat before, I’ve had heat stroke a couple times…not fun.

    • Danielle says:

      Thanks! It’s so easy to overdo it when you love the sun so much! Gotta take it easy now 🙂