Travelling & Eating Clean

So as you may have seen not my Facebook page or on Instagram (@WorkItWearItEatIt), I was away for work this week and wanted to attempt to still eat as clean as I could. I knew I wouldn’t be able to get my 6 meals a day in, so I wanted the meals I did eat to count! I managed to do relatively well, without even eating much of the food I had packed!

I packed four meals that consisted of grilled chicken, veggies and a starchy carb (quinoa or whole wheat pasta). Two of the meals also contained healthy fats (olive oil). I wanted to make sure the meals were ones that I could eat cold, if necessary. Two of the containers were a mixture of chicken breast, quinoa, red and green peppers, onions, and low sodium soya sauce and the other two were pasta salads made with chicken breast, whole wheat pasta, red and green peppers, onions and homemade dressing made from balsamic, lemon juice, and olive oil. I also packed About Time protein powder (Cinnamon Swirl flavour), 3 baggies of oats (1/2 cup each) and almonds to snack on. I ended up leaving the almond milk behind for the sake of lightening my bag!

The first day I had a meeting in Toronto all day. For breakfast on the go, I had a protein shake made with 1 scoop About Time protein, 1/2 cup frozen berries, 1/2 frozen banana, coconut dream milk and 1 cup spinach. Then for our meeting, we ended up working out of a café with lots of healthy options using fresh, local fare, so instead of busting out my container in the café (they were kind of snoody and I think they would have given me a hard time anyway…) I ordered this amazing beet salad.

After my meeting, my friends and I decided to hit up Summerlicious in Toronto. Summerlicious is an event put on in Toronto every year (plus Winterlicious, in Winter) where several local restaurants have prix fixe menus (often normally very expensive restaurants). This gives you the chance to try out the new restaurant without blowing too much money– prices range from $25-$45 for a 3 course meal and it’s even cheaper for lunch. I LOVE it and I always visit a few new restaurants each summer and winter. We went to a restaurant called “Café la Gaffe.” I was obviously way too excited for the food/to see my friends so I TOTALLY forgot to take pictures. For my appetizer, I had a spring mix salad with raspberry vinaigrette, for my main I had a roasted chicken dish with steamed veggies and coconut rice and for dessert I may or may not have had some Lemon/Raspberry cheesecake 🙂

The next morning I had a 6:45am flight to Montreal for the day for some more meetings. On the plane we were given a small box of food and any drinks we would like. I asked the attendant for a bottle of water, in addition to a cup of plain hot water. He was really puzzled when I said I didn’t want a tea bag for my hot water. He later realized what I was doing and thought I was a genius, hah.

In the box of food was a small fruit cup and a mini banana bread. I drank half of the hot water so that my oats wouldn’t be too runny (though they still were..oops), and then I added my little baggie of 1/2 cup oats and 1 scoop protein powder.  I added the fruit provided by the airline on top and voila! A delightful, healthy breakfast on the plane. I left the banana bread behind.

After our morning meetings, we headed out to an amazing Indian restaurant in Montreal. I wish I could remember the name, but it was out of this world!! We all shared several dishes which I of course, couldn’t even tell you the name. Indian food is one of my favourites but it is definitely a bit heavy and left us a bit sluggish on the flight home in the afternoon.

I arrived back in Toronto earlier than I had expected, so my friend Stacy (who graciously let me invade her condo all week) suggested we go to Fresh! She knew I had been dying to try it so this was the perfect opportunity to do so. We ordered the famous quinoa batter onion rings to start and then shared the California Classic salad and the black bean wrap. It was so nice to look at a menu and feel like I could order anything I wanted without feeling bad. Plus it was all absolutely delicious which was a bonus!

After dinner, Stacy and I pretty much walked the entire city and wrapped up with some froyo with my sister, Laurel and her boyfriend Rob. Om nom nom nom.

This morning, I arrived at the bus terminal to head home, running on an empty tummy. I went to the terminal cafe, bought some hot water and a banana, and voila BYOOats once again. (Clearly I am overexcited by the ease of a clean breakfast). Now I sit on the bus blogging away as I head home! I also have my chicken+veggies ready for meal #2!

What didn’t work:

  • The lack of a fridge. For my day trip to Montreal, I didn’t even bother bringing my chicken and veggies because I didn’t have fridge access. A mini cooler type bag might be worth investing in for my next trip.
  • Maybe two desserts in two days was too many, but hey, gotta live a little.
  • Workouts. Although we walked a ton, I didn’t really make these a priority only because I knew I wasn’t too busy for the rest of the week, and I can bust butt every other day. In the future, I will have to work hard to get these in while travelling. I will probably stick to track workouts!
  • Water intake. While I drank lots of water, I drank less than usual. Leaving meetings every 20 minutes to go pee isn’t really conducive to a successful career, hah. Next time I will make an extra effort to get the water in after the meetings, in the evenings.

What worked:

  • OATS, seriously there is no excuse to eat an unhealthy breakfast, it is way too easy to keep it clean.
  • Eating at like-minded restaurants with like-minded people. I was lucky enough to be around people who are also conscious of what they eat, and restaurants that support local farmers and believe in real food.
  • Carrying water everywhere. It keeps your hands and stomach full and helps flush out any extra sodium from the restaurant food.
  • Almonds for snacking in between meals. Obviously you can’t always bust out your chicken and whatnot in the middle of a meeting in a 5 star hotel but you can snack on almonds!
  • Avoiding alcohol. Even the free wine on the plane!
  • Packing lightly so I could fit my food in my suitcase. This is a big deal for me, hah.
  • Allowing some indulgence. Had I gone into these 3 days insisting I eat my 6 meals and only foods from James WIlson’s approved list, I probably would have gone insane. I’m leaving the city without a bloated stomach and really that is all I ask for!
The second thing I am going to do when I get home is hit the gym! (Or the track..). The first thing being frolic with Lemon, obv. OH WAIT, number one might be grabbing my copy of Oxygen and looking at myself on page 46!!!!!!!! Haha, that sounds so vain but I am so excited! Stay tuned for a post of the article on my Facebook page tonight and likely on the blog tomorrow.

Hope all of your weeks are going wonderfully 🙂





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  1. Great job! It’s so important to enjoy local delights and social events while traveling, I think you found the perfect balance!

  2. looks amazing and I love all these clean eats. I’m slowly but surely getting there 🙂

  3. Awesome job on all the clean eats Danielle! I’m so so jealous that you got to squeeze in a trip to Fresh. That’s one of my TO faves and I haven’t been in far too long! I hear ya on all that water drinking too… I have to get up ALL the time at work, so when we have meetings, let’s just say adjustments to my water drinking have to be made! I guess it stops me from sitting at my desk too long though! Have a great day!