My Week in Pictures + A Blogger/Reader Meet-Up!

Hi friends!

This week has been a major stress factory, but I will spare the negative details and instead I will share some pictures of the best parts of my week!

1. Thrive Juice Bar – Vegan Thai Green Curry (NOMS)

2. Thrive Juice Bar Vegan Choc PB Cups …no words. (One was for Josh btw!)

3. New hairstyle! SO FAST to do and super cute. Click for link to tutorial I used šŸ™‚

MAIL! From Market Twenty Seven. (Jane you know you’re getting one of these super mean birthday cards this weekend, hah!)

MORE MAIL! About Time Protein (Chocolate, Vanilla & Cinnamon Swirl) …there was a really good sale, okay?


Now in more exciting news, Jess over at TrulyJess and I have been trying to plan a meet up for ages. We finally picked a date and we wanted to extend the invitation to all of you! Sunday July 15th we are going to head out for a hike/workout in the Toronto area. If you are interested in joining us just send Jess or I and email or FB message and we will send you all of the time and location details!! Hope some of you GTA folks can make it, it would be so fun to have a group outing!! Bloggers and readers and your friends are all welcome šŸ™‚

I am out of town for the long weekend but might just get a blog post in at some point! Until then, Happy Canada Day! šŸ™‚ Going to get some work done and then off for another track workout! Woohoo!





  1. Nice hair!! are you brunette now?? šŸ™‚

    • Danielle says:

      Thanks! Sort of! I have ombre hair– ya know, brown on top fades to blonde towards the bottom!

  2. Loveee your hair! Super cute!

  3. Can you do my hair like that for our big hike?! haha! Have a great weekend! xoxo