Summer Weekend Scenes

WHOA what a busy weekend. It was lots of fun but so tiring! The summer weekends always seem to get jam packed with things to do! We only have a few open weekends left from now until October. Always so many activities!

Now I will sum up the important parts of this weekend!

Friday night started with an impromptu trip to the vet. Nothing bad happened but Lemon’s vet called and indicated to me that the local vet allergist couldn’t see Lemon until FEBRUARY 2013 and another one about an hour and a half away could see her in August/September. This isn’t exactly ideal so she had me bring Lemon in to her for a blood allergy test with her and she also gave me some prescription allergy pills for Lemon so that I can leave the house in peace! I should get the results in 1-2 weeks and hopefully we can pinpoint the problem.

After we finished up at the vet, Josh and I headed to my sister (Jess) and her fiance’s (Alex) place so we would be there to run the relay race the next day! We went out for dinner where I had this delicious Thai pizza (red curry sauce instead of marinara, grilled chicken, sweet potato and cilantro on top!!) but it was way too dark in there to take a good picture.  It was delicious and I was very sad when I forgot my leftovers at her place the next day…tear.

ANYWAY, race day we woke up around 7am and got ready and ran to the start line (literally) because it was only about a mile away from Jess’ place!

The race was a 2.5km loop on the beach with obstacles in the hot sun—each person had to do one loop and the first team to have all members finish, won! Jess ran first, then Josh, then myself, and then Alex. The loop started with a pretty treacherous run in the deep, dry sand out to the first obstacle. The first obstacle was running with a 20lb sand bag…in the sand. The second obstacle was crawling under nets, then running/high knees through rows of tires and then running through the actual waters of Lake Ontario (gross) to slow you down and test my 27” legs. Hah. My sister and I were at a total disadvantage on this one because the water was basically waist deep on us and knee deep on normal people, haha. Alex and is 224324” legs OWNED his loop and brought us up two places from 7th to a 5th place finish! Definitely the hardest 2.5km I have ever run. Really fun though!

Jess about to defeat the water obstacle, short legs and all.

Josh in the water!

Josh and I post baton exchange, and off I go!

Coming up to the water obstacle!

Alex bringing it in for 5th place!

Team Sand Donkeys!!

After the race we picked up some sweet race swag and Alex won a heart rate monitor watch in the raffle! Then we headed back to our place to take Jess and Alex to some old furniture/antique place to pick up some things for their wedding in September. My parents and my sister Natalie also joined and we found some pretty cool stuff!

Me at the first stop! Tonnes to look through as you can see.

After THAT, we headed over to a multi-cultural food festival that was taking place in the beautiful park by our house. My sister and I had Greek, Josh and his friends had Caribbean and Alex had this giant turkey leg that is identified as who knows what kind food, haha.

Alex + Turkey leg = love

Lines were really long so Jess and I shared this ahh-mazing freshly squeezed raspberry-strawberry lemonade.

That night Josh had some friends over for the night, they stayed up drinking and went out until approximately 3am while Lemon and I drank water and passed out at approximately 11pm, hah.

Sunday Josh and I went out for breakfast and then ran some errands. We also went back to the multicultural food festival with Lemon just to walk around and look at all the booths selling some cool jewelry and whatnot. One mall, one festival, and FOUR grocery stores later, we prepped some food for the week and collapsed onto the couch for a movie.

Somewhere in between I also got some work done and picked up this sweet new toy:

OwnIndex comparable with (but not the same as) a VO2 max.


It is the Polar FT40, I have been dying to get a heart rate monitor that can tell me calories burned doing ANYTHING, unlike my Garmin that can only tell you calories burning when running, biking or swimming. Can’t wait to use it for tonight’s workout!


How was your weekend?

Do you summer weekends fill up really quickly, too? Love it or hate it?


Have a great Monday! 🙂




  1. Nice race!!!! and I LOVE the high waisted shorts 🙂

  2. Looks like a fun race! I didn’t know you could get vibrams wet? I am always scared to get mine wet! I am dyyying for that HR monitor!

    • Danielle says:

      Ya girl! They are actually machine washable! I wash mine ALL the time. They get so smelly otherwise because they’re usually worn with bare feet!

  3. That looks like the most FUN race ever! I would love to do one like that! So cute that you all had matching shoes too 🙂 I don’t really think you’d be able to run with anything else on the beach except for Vibrams. I need to get me a pair!

    I find weekend fill up sooo fast. I don’t mind it though because I’m off for the entire summer. I’ve kinda got like a two month weekend going on right now! Can’t complain hah.

    • Danielle says:

      Get a pair, get a pair, get a pair! Hah I am such a VFF spokesperson…only unpaid…about that. ANYWAY I am also retired (mostly)! So I don’t mind TOO much but Josh works M-F so we only get to do joint fun stuff on weekends, tear.